After some detective work, Bentley had even worse news: no one had seen Salim al-Kupar for some time. He had been working with a few of the remaining [Forty] Thieves, but had simply vanished. So where was he? That was the first thing we needed to figure out.
― Sly, from the episode's introduction[src]
"40 Thieves" is the fifth episode in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. In the episode the Cooper Gang goes to "rescue" Salim al-Kupar and stop Ms. Decibel.


The Gang arrives in an Arabian city to find Salim al-Kupar. They discover him living in a boat. Sly takes him back to the safe house and he tells them that he and his crew had planned to rob Ms. Decibel, the time traveling lieutenant for Ancient Arabia, but with her modern technology was easily able to capture his thief brothers and Salim had been planning to rescue them. With the help of the gang and Sly's new Thief Costume, they are able to locate and rescue Salim's crew.

Their plans also lead them to a mysterious door in the town's lamp shop. It is there where they discover an underground docking station housing Cyrille Le Paradox's blimp and the skunk himself! There, Sly engages Ms. Decibel in a fight and is able to defeat her. Unfortunately, Le Paradox is able to escape, with a captured Carmelita in tow...


Job name Completed by
"Lost and Found" Sly Cooper
Using new technology Bentley made for his binocucom camera, Sly will need to find anything that Salim al-Kupar may have come into contact with.
"Open Sesame" Sly
Sly will have to find gems to trade in for Salim's Thief Costume, as it might help to locate the imprisoned members of the Forty Thieves.
"Rug Rats" Salim al-Kupar, Bentley
Salim will have to use his Climbing Cobra technique to make his way through the rug shop, past the underground tunnels and climb his way up the tower to reach The Panther.
"Copy Cats" Sly, Murray
Sly, with the help from the Murray, will have to make his way through the Smuggler's Cove, back up to the taxi shop to reach The Tiger.
"Up in Smoke" Bentley
Bentley will have to use his RC chopper to drop smoke bombs at strategic points to help escort Sly and Salim to The Lion and afterwards hack the terminal to free him from the hypnosis.
"Heavy Metal Meltdown" Bentley, Salim
Salim will have to break into the library to let in Bentley, plant the devices around strategic points and after they're all activated Salim will have to make his way to Miss Decibel's office to plant the bug.
"All Rolled Up!" Sly, Bentley, Murray, Carmelita Fox
Take down Miss Decibel!


  • This episode is named after the forty thieves from the story of One Thousand and One Nights.[1]
    • The time period is also named after the title of said story.
  • Since you have all five costumes in this episode, it is the only one in which you are able to collect all of the treasures without returning later.


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