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"40 Thieves"[note 1] is the fifth episode of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The Cooper Gang time-traveled to Ancient Arabia during 1001 AD to locate Sly's ancestor Salim al-Kupar, who was said to possess the stealth of forty thieves.


Forty Thieves[]

So where was he? That was the first thing we needed to figure out.
― Sly Cooper, referring to Salim's disappearance[src]

Sly looks at photos related to the Forty Thieves.

The gang arrived in Arabia to find Salim. Since Bentley's research revealed that Salim was a charter member of the infamous Forty Thieves, it appeared that they had enough backup to help out with their job. However, they were shocked to find out that most of the thieves had already retired, having made their fortunes and gotten older, and enjoyed their golden years in peace.

Bentley catches one of Le Paradox's gas grenades.

What was not surprising was the unmistakable presence of Cyrille Le Paradox. Nasty-looking guards patrolled everywhere, and they knew something sinister was going on. Bentley's detective work uncovered even worse news — no one had seen Salim for some time. He had simply vanished when he was working with a few of the remaining thieves. Figuring out his whereabouts was the first thing the gang needed to do.


Title Completed by
"Lost and Found" Sly
Using new technology Bentley made for Sly's binocucom camera, Sly was able to discover things that Salim may have come into contact with, and therefore trace his exact location.
"Open Sesame" Sly
Sly needed to find gems to trade in for Salim's Thief Costume, as it would help to locate the imprisoned members of the Forty Thieves.
"Rug Rats" Salim, Bentley
Making heavy use of his Climbing Cobra technique, Salim made his way through the rug shop, past the underground tunnels and climb his way up the tower to free the the Panther.
"Copy Cats" Sly, Murray
Sly, with help from Murray, made his way through the Smuggler's Cove and back up to the taxi shop to reach the Tiger.
"Up in Smoke" Bentley
Bentley used his RC chopper to drop smoke bombs at strategic points in order to help Sly and Salim make it to the Lion's location without being detected.
"Heavy Metal Meltdown" Bentley, Salim
Salim and Bentley broke into Miss Decibel's office so that they could plant a bug.
"All Rolled Up!" Sly, Bentley, Murray, Carmelita
After getting past the big door in the lamp shop, the gang needed to take down Miss Decibel and stop Le Paradox from returning to Paris in the present day and establishing his royal identity.

Hold... That... Blimp![]

We may have been down, but we definitely weren't out. There was too much writing on this: The lives of everyone we care about, not to mention the very future of our existence. No matter how, we would make things right. So, as we roared back through time to Paris, I knew we were in for the fight of our lives.
― Sly Cooper, from the episode's epilogue[src]

The gang may have stopped Miss Decibel, but it meant absolutely nothing, as they were on the ropes. Le Paradox has beaten the gang every step of the way, and he held all the cards: Carmelita, the Cooper ancestors' canes, and now his fake pedigree. Sly could not remember a time when the gang felt so defeated.

Sly, Bentley and Murray put their hands together, determined to stop Le Paradox.

Talking to Dimitri was no help, as he was freaking out about how he had to "boogie down in skunk town", and his words made no sense as usual. However, it was clear that they needed to get back home to the present in Paris fast. The gang may have been down, but they were definitely not out. There was too much at stake, the lives of everyone they care about, not to mention their very existence. No matter what, they would make things right. As they raced back to Paris, they knew that they were in for the fight of their lives.



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  1. The title references the forty thieves from the story of One Thousand and One Nights. The time period is also named after the title of said story.