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Sly Cooper: Hey Bentley, are you and Murray finished fixing up the van?
Bentley: I'm afraid we'll need a new power source. The old poly-cellular battery has lost its core.
― At the start of the mission[src]

"A Battery of Peril" was a job for Bentley, Carmelita Fox and Sly Cooper in "A Cold Alliance" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


After recovering the Cooper Van, the gang realized that it was frozen for so long that its poly-cellular battery needed to be changed before they could drive it again. Because the van was also essential to the heist to free Jing King from General Tsao, time was of the essence.[1]


Bentley and Sly discuss a plan while being watched by Carmelita.

Penelope's aerial reconnaissance has located a potential battery for the team van, and it needed to be decoupled. Bentley had Sly join him on the mission but not for the decoupling process. When Sly inquired about his role in the mission, Bentley assured him that he would be needed for the charging of the battery. After Bentley reached the battery, Sly met up with him, and Bentley whispered to him his plan on how to get it charged, a plan so clever that it made Sly chuckle. As if on cue, Carmelita showed up and chased Sly, who was now carrying the battery. After shooting Sly down, Carmelita turned her back to contact INTERPOL for assistance in extracting Sly.

Carmelita calls to have Sly extracted.

Bentley commended Sly on faking unconsciousness, as the battery has absorbed the electrical shocks provided from Carmelita's shock pistol, which not only protected Sly from the blasts but also effectively charged the battery. With Bentley warning that the fully-charged battery would not protect him anymore from Carmelita's shots, Sly got back up to finish the next step of the process: stabilizing the battery. Once she realized that Sly had feigned defeat, Carmelita chased him again, while Sly found a station to stabilize the battery with. Upon doing so, Sly led the chase to the safe house and locked the battery into the gang's nearby outlet. With the battery fully charged and the van powered up, Sly escaped into the safe house.


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