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If we wanted to get inside the Cooper Vault, we'd have to recruit a full-time demolitions specialist. However, Bentley's proposed candidate was a shock: my old enemy, the Panda King.
― Sly Cooper, from the episode's introduction[src]

"A Cold Alliance" is the fourth episode in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It is set in the Kunlun Mountains of China.


The Setup[]

After carefully analyzing the blueprints to Dr. M's fortress, Bentley came to the difficult conclusion that his current demolition skills were not going to be enough to complete the Cooper Vault job. Therefore, the gang needed to recruit a full-time demolitions expert.

The Panda King meditates in his shrine.

Bentley recommended recruiting former Fiendish Five member, Panda King. Sly was reluctant, however, to let him join the team due to his involvement with his parents' murder and the theft of the Thievius Raccoonus, but Bentley firmly reasoned with him, explaining that the Panda King has renounced his criminal ways and has taken up meditation high up in the mountains as a monk.

Though still not convinced, Sly had no doubt the Panda King's skills would benefit the gang. The gang dressed up in their disguises and flew east to China.

The Deal[]

The gang manages to get through to the Panda King.

The Panda King was not any more excited about the idea of joining the Cooper Gang than Sly was. If it were not for the Guru, who seemed to have a spiritual connection with the Panda King, the whole deal would have been a bust.

The Panda King resignedly explained to the gang that his daughter, Jing King, was kidnapped by General Tsao, a powerful general from the northern mountains of China. She was to be the bride in a forced marriage to this unscrupulous ruler, and her father was in exile.

The gang agreed to rescue the Panda King's daughter in exchange for his skills in the Cooper Vault heist. Sly still did not think this was a good idea but had to honor the deal.


Job name Completed by
"King of Fire" Whole gang
The gang needed to find a way up to the Panda King's shrine and explain the situation to him.
"Get a Job" Bentley, Sly
In order to get an inside track on Tsao's wedding, Bentley got a job as the wedding coordinator, while he got Sly a job as a wedding photographer.
"Tearful Reunion" Murray, Penelope, Panda King
Penelope located a mysterious signal out in the water. Murray was asked to investigate it, and it turned out to be the team van.
"Grapple-Cam Break-In" Sly, Bentley
After stealing two keys with Sly's help, Bentley broke into Tsao's house of business to learn more about the wedding.
"Laptop Retrieval" Bentley, Sly, the Guru
Tsao managed to discover the gang's hideout and stole Bentley's computer. The gang worked together to reclaim it.
"Vampiric Demise" Bentley, Sly, Panda King
Sly and the Panda King worked together to destroy the hopping vampires using fireworks.
"Down the Line" Murray, Penelope
After a failed attempt to open a strongbox containing phone wires, Penelope needed to rescue Murray from execution using her RC car.
"A Battery of Peril" Bentley, Sly, Carmelita
Sly needed to get Carmelita to charge a battery so that he could stabilize it and bring it back to the van.
"Operation: Wedding Crasher" Sly, Penelope, Murray, Bentley
It was time for the gang to rescue Jing King, steal Tsao's treasure and get Carmelita to take the bride's place.

The Getaway[]

General Tsao is busted by his "bride."

General Tsao had his wedding on time, and everything went as he arranged, but the bride turned out to be a shock. Inspector Fox, having taken Jing King's place, zapped Tsao with her shock pistol, thinking it was Sly in disguise. The second she placed the cuffs on him, she realized it was not Sly. Though a little disappointed, she did not mind taking Tsao into custody, as she was aware of how he had plagued the streets with the undead. From what Sly heard, the locals were happy to see him go.

The gang dropped off Jing King with her aunt. The Panda King insisted she would be safe there, and that he needed to pay off his debt to the gang. Sly was still wary of him joining the team but had no doubts his skills would come in handy.

The gang then decided to do some shopping in the backstreets of Shanghai before starting on their next adventure.

Master Thief Challenges[]

Challenge name Description
"Big Air in China" Use Murray's Aboriginal Ball Form to reach each waypoint without taking damage and before time expires.
"Sharpshooter" Keep Murray from taking significant damage from attacking guards.
"Treetop Tangle" Defeat Tsao without sustaining significant damage.
"Tsao Showdown" Defeat Tsao without sustaining significant damage.
"China Treasure Hunt" Using your Treasure Map, follow the clues to find the hidden loot.



Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves - A Cold Alliance - The Setup


Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves - A Cold Alliance - The Deal


Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves - A Cold Alliance - The Getaway


  • The shopping the gang did at the end of "Fire in the Sky" in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is paid homage in this episode's ending, with the addition of Penelope, the Guru and the Panda King, as well as the difference in location.
  • The boss for this episode is General Tsao and his character is a chicken. This is a reference to the popular Chinese dish, General Tso's Chicken, which is occasionally spelled "Tsao," along with many others.
  • The Panda King also appears on this episode's title card, just like he did in "Fire in the Sky" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.
  • The red arches around the level can be destroyed with Carmelita's pistol. If done, a glitch occurs where the lights will remain floating in place.