Sly Cooper: Those rats got pegged.
Bentley: Raleigh appeared to have booby-trapped this entire place.
Sly Cooper: I'm going to enjoy this.
― Sly Cooper and Bentley[src]

"A Cunning Disguise" was a job in Tide of Terror of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Searching for another treasure key, Sly explored Raleigh's library, which happened to booby-trapped.


Sly entered Raleigh's library and came across some dart-shooting machine which killed a few rats. Unfortunately, Raleigh has booby-trapped the entire area with dart-shooting machines that would eliminate Sly if he were to take one careless step onto the rugs. However, this type of security proved no match for Sly, as he used a barrel for protection against the dart shooters and the spotlights that were littered throughout the area. 


There are 30 clues in this area, and the vault is located on the second floor, on the other side of the bookshelf with the ladder, right after the first two searchlights. The combination to the vault is 2-4-2.

With the help of a straight edge and compass the answer was simple. Dial in 2-4-2.
― Bentley[src]

Developer commentaryEdit

Commentators: Bruce Oberg, Rob McDaniel and Hokyo Lim

  • This is one of a few levels that have the key be visible to the player from early on in the level.
  • This was the first level featuring multiple floors, as Oberg described it: "double-decker."



  • In this area, every checkpoint has another barrel, and it can get charred, splintered and almost destroyed, but it will stay intact throughout.
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