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The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)
Bentley: That's an excellent idea, Guru. You're the only member of the team who doesn't carry metal equipment. If you can "convince" some of the local sharks into joining you in an attack, it might be enough to break the buoy.
― The plan to retrieve Sly's cane[src]

"A Deadly Bite" was a job for the Guru in "Honor Among Thieves" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


The gang needed to free Sly Cooper's trapped cane so that it could be returned to Sly.


Bentley and the Guru discussing a plan

With Sly resting from his recent attack at the hands of the mutant primate, Bentley met with Dimitri, Penelope and the Guru on deck to discuss how they were going to retrieve Sly's cane. Dimitri suggested doing a simple swim towards the buoy and taking it, but Penelope pointed out how difficult the task would actually be, as the cane was attached to an electromagnetic buoy. Many of them have been placed by Dr. M all around the island to snag approaching metal boats. Luckily for the gang, their pirate ship was wooden, but as for Dimitri, getting too close to the buoy would cause his diving gear to magnetize to it.

The Guru unhappy about losing Sly's cane

However, the Guru suggested possessing a group of sharks, "convincing" them to join him in an attack to destroy the buoy. Bentley agreed this was a solid idea, given how the Guru is the only team member that carries no metal equipment. By gathering ten sharks, the Guru managed to drive them all into an attack frenzy, thereby sabotaging the buoy. Unfortunately, the cane fell loose and plunged into the waters, leaving the Guru in discontent.