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Mz. Ruby: Well, I'll unleash my mighty mojo magic upon you. If you repeat what I do, you'll dodge it just fine. If not, you'll get zapped.
Sly Cooper: A little voodoo Simon Says, huh? Sounds easy enough.
― Before the boss battle[src]

"A Deadly Dance" is the final job and boss battle in "Vicious Voodoo" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Sly confronts Mz. Ruby inside her skull temple. She proposes they both play a nice game of Simon Says, as a way to test Sly's reflexes. She explains the rules of the game, of which Sly is to dodge her voodoo magic or face a painful zap. Determined to take her down, Sly accepts the challenge, finding it not so difficult.

A Deadly Dance cutscene 1

Mz. Ruby and her minions

Sly faces off against the evil alligator in 3 rounds. Each involved the same process, in which Sly is to dodge the incoming projectiles of Mz. Ruby's voodoo magic as he attempted to make his way towards her. After being ultimately beaten in all 3 rounds, Mz. Ruby admits to Sly that he has some rhythm, but she warns him that it will not serve him good if he is to go after the next Fiendish Five member, the Panda King, as he is tough, with a capital T. However, Sly feels he can manage it, should the Panda King be anything like her and the previously defeated members.

Mz. Ruby Vexed[]


Mz. Ruby defeated and brought to custody

After Mz. Ruby is defeated, Sly manages to swipe what she stole from the Thievius Raccoonus, the page detailing the Invisibility technique developed by Sly's pioneering ancestor Slytunkhamen Cooper. Shortly after, Carmelita Fox arrived to pin the cuffs on Mz. Ruby, as her production of ghosts was ruled illegal in the World Peace Accord of '71, earning the gator a life sentence behind bars.

Afterward, the gang decides to relax and take some time off, enjoying the tropical sunshine and working on their tans in preparation for their next caper to China.


  • The pattern of the notes does not change under any circumstances. This makes them easier to predict with each attempt.


  • Just before the getaway cutscene, Sly's mouth is out of sync.
  • Unlike the original PS2 version, the fight's music on the PS3 and Vita ports is out of sync. This made it even harder to get through all three segments of the fight.