Sly: Murray! What are you doing down there?
Murray: Well, I'm minding my post when I notice this snow-cone stand, and I think to myself, "Hey Murray, you've got to keep you're energy up." So I hurry over here and then all of a sudden, monkeys are everywhere, bugging me to race them 3 times around this track for a key.
― Sly and Murray just before the race[src]

"A Desperate Race" was a job in "Fire in the Sky" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It was the second of two racing missions in the game.

Synopsis Edit

Sly finds Murray parked down at a snowcone stand. Monkeys surround him and beg him to race him three times around the track for a treasure key. Sly asks if he's sure he can take them. Seeing as how they are monkeys, Murray believes there is no way he could lose to them. Sly reminds him about using the nitro-boosts, and warns him to watch out for the icy patches. Murray sarcastically thanks him for the advice and claims he has this under control. Murray takes the monkeys on, and once again,[1] he wins the race and claims the key for Sly.


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