According to my paranormal scanner, that flowing soup is really highly charged ectoplasm! It's just got to be the source of power for those headstone generators!
― Bentley realizing how Mz. Ruby creates her ghost army[src]

"A Ghastly Voyage" was a job in "Vicious Voodoo" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Sly had to venture through a dark and haunted area within the swamp using a hover blaster.


Once Sly entered the area, Sly, while on the hover blaster, had to ride a wooden boat through the swamp to reach the far side. Along the way, he had to battle through several ghost rats and fire turtles to pass through safely.

As Sly continued through the area, Bentley radioed him, informing him that the flowing soup seen in the ghost production facility was actually highly charged ectoplasm, which he believed to be the source of power for the ghost generators.

Sly continued along the path, fighting more ghosts and fire turtles as he drew more and more closer to the treasure key. Upon reaching the key, Sly had to first clear out the ghosts in the area by destroying all three of the headstone generators, all the while, being careful not to be overcome himself. Once the ghosts were gone, Sly was able to grab the key.


  • By using skillful jumping before entering, it is possible for Sly to enter this stage without the hover blaster. Whether he does this or not, he still will have the vehicle upon entering the stage.
  • Along with "Rapid Fire Assault," this is one of only two missions in the first game that feature enemies, coins and signal repeaters, but not a vault or Master Thief Sprint.
  • Only two types of guards are present in this stage, fire turtles and ghost rats.
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