That's no tower - it's a giant death ray! Sly, take out those rocks or we're in trouble.
― Bentley noting the dangers of the Death Ray[src]

"A Hazardous Path" was a job in "The Cold Heart of Hate" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


When the gang arrived at the Krakarov Volcano, they stumbled upon a massive door blocking the road to Clockwerk's fortress. Sly, who was manning their newly built turret,[1] blasted it open, allowing him and his gang to venture along the volcanic road. The door opened to a path plagued with mines that Sly had to clear out. Once they appeared out into the open, Bentley pointed out that Clockwerk's location to be the owl-shaped tower up ahead. All of a sudden, they were ambushed by a swarm of robo-falcons that could knock Sly off the turret if not destroyed in a timely manner.

As they further approached the supposed tower, Bentley realized that it was actually Clockwerk's death ray, which began striking the volcanic walls, creating huge boulders that rolled down towards the path the van was on. Sly was to put a stop to it by shooting the tumbling rocks. After facing some more obstacles and two more swarms of robo-falcons, they finally approached their destination: a cave that led into a lava-filled cavern. However, Sly noticed that the cave was too low for the turret to pass all the way through and tried to warn Murray before passing through.


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