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Bentley: Oh my gosh, that's awful! That poor village just got buried in freezing snow!
Sly: The rocket came from that giant statue, and you can bet the Panda King lit the fuse. I've got to find my way up there fast before that lunatic squashes another town.
― Witnessing the destruction of Hinkau village[src]

"A Perilous Ascent" was the first job in "Fire in the Sky" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Sly proceeded through a snowy, mountainous region, in search of the Panda King's compound. Along the way, he, with Bentley also watching, witnessed a rocket fire from a giant panda statue, striking a nearby mountain and causing an avalanche that buried the village below in freezing snow. Knowing that the Panda King was responsible, Sly knew he had to make his way up there fast before he was to do the same to another town.


There are 30 clue bottles to collect in this level, and the vault is located in the building with the three overlooking gorilla guards, as well as the two red fireworks. The vault's combination is 5-7-8.

I got a real headache figuring this one out. Input 5-7-8.
― Bentley[src]