Bentley: Oh my gosh, that's awful! That poor village just got buried in freezing snow!
Sly: The rocket came from that giant statue, and you can bet the Panda King lit the fuse. I've got to find my way up there fast before that lunatic squashes another town.
― As they witness the Panda King's firework cause an avalanche over Hinkau village[src]
"A Perilous Ascent" was the first job in "Fire in the Sky" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Upon arriving in China, Sly Cooper was to find a way to the Panda King's compound.


Upon exiting the Cooper Van, Sly proceeded through the snowy, mountainous region, in search of the Panda King's lair. Along the way, he witnessed a village in the distance get buried by an avalanche. The large sheets of snow fell down onto the village upon impact of a rocket launched from a large panda statue. Seeing this, Sly knew who was responsible and he had to get up there fast before another town was to face the same fate.

He continued to press through the treacherous terrain, sneaking past several guards until he spotted the treasure key. It was located on the other side of the field he was in, protected by several gorillas. Sneaking past them all, he managed to steal the key, then returned to the gate to unlock it. Once open, he entered into the Panda King's stronghold.


There are 30 clues in this stage, and the vault is located in the building with the three flashlight guards, as well as the two fireworks. The combination to the vault is 5-7-8.

I got a real headache figuring this one out. Input 5-7-8.
― Bentley[src]


  • Although the Invisibility technique can be used in this stage at the end, Bentley doesn't provide the instructions to do so.
  • At five checkpoints, this level holds the most signal repeaters in one stage.
  • The key in this stage is the furthest away from the security gate of any other opening stage in the game, and the only one that has a checkpoint next to it.
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