Hey Sly! I though you said Mesa City was going to be loud and busy. This looks more like a ghost town!
― Bentley to Sly while venturing to Mesa City[src]

"A Rocky Start" was the first job in "Sunset Snake Eyes" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


The Cooper Gang arrived in Mesa City, only to find it deserted. It was here that Sly practiced the Ninja Spire Jump.


After beating Raleigh in the Welsh Triangle, Sly and the gang traveled to Mesa City to face Muggshot, the dastardly chief enforcer of the Fiendish Five. Once Sly climbed to the top of the large gate blocking the entrance, Sly found that the whole city was deserted and wondered why.

Despite this, Sly was eager to try out the Ninja Spire Jump on the lights that awaited him. Sly ventured through the outskirts of the city, facing Muggshot's guards.

Along the way, he encountered an old train car with some flashing lasers, which happened to be electronic floor sensors. Should Sly take one careless step, he would be a goner. After getting past the security forces in the area, Sly managed to swipe the first of Muggshot's treasure keys. He then entered into Muggshot's turf.


There are 40 clues in this stage, and the vault on a small piece of land located at the end of a rope that stretches above a car dangling halfway over the edge of the cliff, just after the first pounding pistons. The combination to the vault is 3-1-4.

A little bit of higher mathematics, and voila! Dial in 3-1-4.
― Bentley[src]

Bonus commentaryEdit

Commentators: Brian Fleming, Nate Fox, and Travis Kotzesbue

  • Fox stated that this level was originally supposed to be a junkyard with a few breakables, but it was found to be unsatisfying to play, so they changed the design.
  • Kotzesbue had pet names for all of the guards in this episode, except for the bulldog guard. His pet names became the aliases for the guards as shown in Sly's binocucom.
  • The final level was designed to give off a "ghost town vibe"; as the player progressed further into the level, they would encounter more images indicative of an abandoned city (like a subway system).
  • This level was an introduction to the blinking floor lasers. Kotzesbue said that the checkerboard floor lasers were designed to look difficult, but when the player made it through easily, it was supposed to give the impression that Sly was a master thief.


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