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Crime? I haven't stolen anything... yet.
― Sly, during his confrontation with Carmelita[src]

"A Shadow from the Past" is the prologue episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It was set at the Museum of Natural History in Cairo, Egypt, where the Cooper Gang had to steal the Clockwerk parts before the mechanical owl could be reconstructed.


While attempting to steal the Clockwerk parts from the Cairo museum, Sly Cooper discovered that the infamous Klaww Gang had already stolen them and framed him and his gang for the crime. They were soon pursued down the museum halls by Inspector Carmelita Fox, who believed that they stole the parts. Constable Neyla appeared alongside her, but rather than help her, she distracted Carmelita to give the gang a chance to escape.


Job name Completed by
"Cairo Museum Break-In" Sly
With the help of his friends, Sly had to sneak through the museum to find the Clockwerk parts.


Sly contemplating about Neyla

Once the gang hopped into their team van, they made a getaway from the police. Carmelita tried firing at the van with her shock pistol but with no luck at stopping them. As the gang drove away, Sly noted that Carmelita was just as angry as ever and how it made her look quite lovely. He then began to wonder about her partner Constable Neyla and her mentioning of the Klaww Gang, trying to figure out whether it was just a slip of the tongue or an intentional clue. Either way, it was the gang's only lead on the missing Clockwerk parts.

Clockwerk in organic form

Sly then explained everything about Clockwerk, such as his deep hatred for the Cooper Clan's thieving reputation and how he mechanized himself to keep him immortal until the Cooper Clan was fully eliminated once and for all. The cyborg owl caught up with Sly's parents and killed them both, leaving Sly at an orphanage. It was there that he met Bentley and Murray, his two best friends and all the family he needed.

Sly then recounted on his past victory at defeating Clockwerk, how he thought he had finished it but was naive to think he could easily wipe out that much hatred.[1] Clockwerk was now back, in just pieces, but the threat remained real. Sly wondered if the Klaww Gang realized what they have stolen. He was unsure of what his future would hold but was determined to not let it be a repeat of his past.



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