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Rajan believes displaying the wings will bring him prestige, and maybe they will. But they're also bringing me.
― Sly, determined to steal back the Clockwerk wings[src]

"A Starry Eyed Encounter" is the second episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It was set at a palace in India, and the main antagonist was Rajan.


The Setup[]

Rajan's involvement in the Klaww Gang

The gang located another Clockwerk part, which surfaced in India. The gang loaded up the van and set out for their next target: Rajan, a self-made man, who grew up poor on the streets of Calcutta. He started his life of crime by selling illegal spices on the black market. He eventually grew his small outfit into a sizable operation and soon became apart of the Klaww Gang. He since crowned himself "Lord of the Hills." While he went to great lengths to convince others of his royalty, it was mostly to convince himself.

Rajan was holding a lavish ball at his Indian palace, where he wanted to show off his latest acquisition: the Clockwerk wings. Rajan believed that the wings would bring him prestige, but little did he know that the Cooper Gang was also on his tail.


Job name Completed by
"Recon the Ballroom" Sly
Sly had to sneak into Rajan's ballroom to learn more about the guests at the party and Clockwerk's wings.
"Lower the Drawbridge" Sly
Sly pickpocketed several keys in order to lower the palace's drawbridge for Bentley and Murray.
"Ballroom Dance Party" Sly
Sly tried to gain entrance to Rajan's party but had no tuxedo.
"Steal a Tuxedo" Sly
Requiring formal wear to be let into the party, Sly ransacked the palace's guest house in search of a tuxedo.
"Dominate the Dance Floor" Sly
Once inside the ballroom, Sly danced with Neyla to impress Carmelita.
"Battle the Chopper" Murray
Murray used a mounted turret to battle Rajan's chopper.
"Boardroom Brawl" Sly, Murray
Sly and Murray defended Bentley while he hacked Rajan's computers to gain remote access to the automated winch above the ballroom.
"RC Bombing Run" Bentley
Bentley used his RC chopper to destroy Rajan's surface-to-air defenses.
"Elephant Rampage" Sly
Bentley learned that Clockwerk's wings have been welded onto a statue in the middle of the ballroom. Sly gathered several gems for Bentley to create a durable saw to remove them.
"Bomb the Bridge" Bentley
"Operation: Hippo Drop" Part 1: Bentley destroyed the palace's main bridge to distract the guards standing watch over Clockwerk's wings.
"Tango with Carmelita" Sly
"Operation: Hippo Drop" Part 2: Sly distracted the crowd by dancing with Carmelita. Meanwhile, Murray was lowered into the ballroom via the automated winch to steal Clockwerk's wings.
"Clear the Way for Murray" Bentley
"Operation: Hippo Drop" Part 3: Murray has stolen the giant wings, but he needed cover fire from Bentley's RC chopper in order to escape the palace.

The Getaway[]

Murray feeling uncomfortable about dancing

After the Cooper Gang made off with the Clockwerk wings, Carmelita blew her cover and began making arrests left and right. With Rajan's reputation in shambles, he was forced to flee from his party palace and went somewhere deep in the jungle to hide.

The gang took a break in Bollywood, where they snuck Murray onto the set of a full-blown Indian musical. While Sly was glad that he and friends were able to unwind, he knew that Rajan was still out there and things were somehow gonna get tough.


India map 1.png

The vault is located behind the laser barrier in Rajan's boardroom, and its combination is 8-5-7. Upon opening it, Sly receives Insanity Strike.


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Sly! Come in! Sly! Do you read me?
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