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It looks like we're walking into a full-scale war. But we have to act now before things go from bad to worse.
― Sly Cooper, from the episode's introduction[src]

"A Tangled Web" is the fifth episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It was set at the Contessa's castle estate in Prague, and the main antagonist was once again the Contessa.


The Setup[]

Neyla and the Contessa at war

Now that the Cooper Gang was reunited, it was time for a little payback. They learned that the Contessa, having escaped from them at the prison, was now hiding at her castle estate, a well-fortified gothic nightmare that would make any thief run in terror. Terrible or not, that was where the gang was heading. The gang found out that the Contessa, who until recently a secret Klaww Gang member, was in possession of the Clockwerk eyes to sweeten the deal. The Thievius Raccoonus describes the eyes stopping opponents dead in their tracks, transfixed in their gaze. It was quite obvious what a powerful hypnotist like the Contessa could do with such powerful artifacts.

News of the Contessa's corruption had spread to INTERPOL. Constable Neyla, being closest to the case, was granted a cash allowance to hire an army of local mercenaries and wage war against the corrupt spider. Though the gang was entering a warzone, they had to act right away before things were to go from bad to worse.


Job name Completed by
"Know Your Enemy" Sly
Sly had to take recon photos around the castle and then climb up to the Contessa's "re-education" tower and take some more photos inside.
"Ghost Capture" Sly
Sly was to free some ghosts, capture them on film and then release them down the chimney of Neyla's HQ.
"Mojo Trap Action" Bentley
Bentley found a bad mojo collector, a semi-magical device that absorbs bad mojo. He needed to use this to gather mojo that would run off from the spouts on the ceiling. By gathering a full tank of bad mojo, it would be enough to destroy the mind shuffler and free the Clockwerk eyes.
"Kidnap the General" Murray
Murray was to sneak into the castle and kidnap General Clawfoot, then bring him back to the safe house for questioning. Bentley figured he would be able to get him to reveal the security codes to the castle gate.
"Stealing Voices" Sly
Sly was to steal the voice modulator and wire tap in order to install them beneath Neyla's HQ, allowing Bentley to give orders to Neyla's mercenaries.
"Tank Showdown" Murray
Sly was to steal one of the Contessa's tanks and go to war against Neyla's mercenary forces.
"Crypt Hack" Bentley
Bentley ventured back into the crypts, where he hacked into the Contessa's computers in order to power up the old terminal in her "re-education" tower.
"Operation: High Road" Sly, Bentley, Murray
The gang initiated a battle between Neyla's and Contessa's forces as a distraction in order to free Carmelita and retrieve the Clockwerk eyes.

The Getaway[]

The gang keeping a low profile

The gang still managed to defeat the Contessa, free Carmelita, and retrieve Clockwerk's eyes while their heist did not exactly happen according to plan. The Contessa was arrested and brought to trial for the crimes she committed while working for INTERPOL.

INTERPOL's PR damage control went one step further by promoting Neyla, the hero of Prague, to the rank of Captain. Carmelita, still on the outs with INTERPOL, reluctantly turned to the Cooper Gang (much to Sly's surprise and delight) for help in escaping the police. Sly tried to put it out of his mind. At this point, the gang realized that the Klaww Gang's business was spiraling out of control and that they were at the center of it. They decided to lie low for a while before making their next move.


Prague map 2.png

The vault is located in the tower directly opposite the re-education tower, where Sly obtained the wire tap. The vault's combination is 9-6-9, and upon opening it, Sly receives the Rage Bomb.


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