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Roll around like a ball.
― In-game description[src]

The Aboriginal Ball Form, also called Be the Ball,[1] was a technique and power-up taught to Murray during his Dreamtime training with the Guru. It became available during the job "Tar Ball" in "An Opera of Fear" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


It was a technique in which Murray would place himself in the form of a ball and concentrate all of his spiritual energy in order to charge the state. Once this was accomplished, the motion of the Aboriginal Ball Form would allow Murray to ascend great heights and plow through objects with greater force than usual. This could be used to instantly defeat rooftop guards.

The bounce height has been drastically decreased in the trilogy remaster.

There is a little exploit (while using the move) that allows Murray to do a triple jump. The inputs are x, x, l1, l1, x.


Murray used this move to destroy Octavio's tar drums in Venice,[2] and he could also use it to reach high places in other locations, such as in the Kunlun Mountains. He used it again within one of the caves of Yuendumu, Australia, when he had to unlock a door by activating a piston. The final time Murray was required to use the move was during the gang's first mission in the Kunlun Mountains, in which he had to use it to allow himself the reach the higher section of land, where he was to meet up with Sly.

Two Master Thief Challenges involved the use of Murray's Ball Form to achieve the given tasks. One was "Air Time," in which Murray had to use the move to destroy the tar pumps in the given time limit. The other was "Big Air in China," in which he was to use the move to bounce to the waypoints under time pressure.


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