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Hahahaha! Oh Cooper, you've climbed so high and now... You're gonna fall!
― El Jefe taunting Sly Cooper[src]

"Altitude Sickness" was a job for Sly Cooper, Murray and Rioichi Cooper in "Turning Japanese" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. This is the final job for Turning Japanese.


El Jefe has played dictator for the last time, and it was time for the gang to put an end to his schemes.


The gang was ready for the final operation to take down El Jefe. The first step was getting past the dragon gates. Since the guards are already unconscious from eating Rioichi's sushi rolls, Sly was able to unlock the gates without risking detection.

The Cooper Gang confronting El Jefe

The rest of the team, along with Rioichi, accompanied Sly, and they all made their way up to El Jefe's fortress. As soon as they got in view of the large structure, a large blimp rose from below, which astonished them all. As the gang ran forward to get into the fort, they encountered El Jefe on the bridge. He ordered his rat troopers to deal with them while he went through the door. The gang fought the guards on the bridge, while Rioichi made his way down to the machine wheel to open the door. Once done, he regrouped with rest of the team, by which point all of the guards have been beaten.

El Jefe stealing Rioichi's cane

As the four pressed on, El Jefe appeared again, pouncing on Rioichi and stealing his cane so that he could deliver it to a new owner. He then ran across the bridge, scraping the surface with his katanas and causing it to burn up and fall apart. Sly told everyone else to stay behind, while he went on to get Rioichi's cane back. He hopped across the destroyed bridge and made his way to El Jefe's throne room, where after a short confrontation, the tiger lifted off using a rope. Sly followed him by climbing up to the highest part of the structure, which towered high above the town. El Jefe, wielding two swords with electric and fire abilities, battled Sly throughout the highly elevated area.

El Jefe subdued

After three rounds, Sly bested El Jefe. Once the latter fell down unconscious, Sly reached out to grab Rioichi's cane, but a small tin of gas fell by his foot, and as he heard its timer, he jumped off the edge and hung off of it as the gas bomb erupted. Two rat troopers dropped down from the blimp the gang encountered earlier. One of them grabbed Rioichi's cane from El Jefe's unconscious body before they were lifted back up. Sly caught a glimpse of a silhouette of someone watching from the window. As the rat troopers ascended, one of them unknowingly dropped a sheriff's badge, which rolled up to Sly. The blimp then disappeared in a flash, leaving Sly stunned. At this point, the operation was over.

No, No Bad Kitten[]

El Jefe incarcerated

El Jefe was incarcerated after his defeat. Though it was a hollow victory, Sly still failed to reclaim Rioichi's cane. It was still unclear who was behind it all, but Sly knew it was someone powerful enough to control his own private army. The old sheriff badge that one of the rat troopers dropped was the key to the gang's next destination. After Bentley sampled the badge through the time machine, the gang found out that it was "Tennessee Kid" Cooper who needed their help next, meaning they needed to travel to the Old West in the 1880s. As they made the jump back to this time period, Sly found himself wondering about Carmelita.