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Heading onto this guy's turf was dangerous, but worth it for a chance to make things right with Murray.
― Sly Cooper, from the episode's introduction[src]

"An Opera of Fear" is the first episode of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. Sly Cooper and Bentley went to Venice to track down Murray and convince him to return to the gang.


The Setup[]

Getting inside the Cooper Vault would take a team of world-class thieves, a group of specialists, each contributing their own special talent. It was clear that Sly and Bentley needed Murray back in the gang. Not only they were missing their lifelong friend, but his brute strength helped get the gang out of more than a few scrapes in the past. After the events with Clock-La, Murray blamed himself for Bentley's injury and decided to leave the team. Sly and Bentley tried to reason with him, but going out on his own was something he needed to do.

The Guru sends Murray on his walk.

Murray said he wanted to find his spiritual center. They found out that he ended up in the Australian Outback, where he studied a mystic art called the Dreamtime, taught by an aboriginal guru. From all accounts, things were going pretty well, and his teacher even sent him on a walkabout to places all over the world to complete the training. During it, Murray eventually ended up in Venice of Italy, but what he was doing there was a mystery. Sly just hoped that Murray steered clear of the local mob boss, Don Octavio.

Octavio performs opera in front of a live audience.

Growing up, Octavio was a real neighborhood celebrity, well known for his opera singing. However, just as his career was about to take off, musical tastes changed. After losing most of his fans to rock music, he became the leader of the Venetian mobsters and had plans for making everybody enjoy opera again. Sly knew that heading onto Octavio's turf was dangerous, but worth it for a chance to make things right with Murray.


Job name Completed by
"Police HQ" Sly
Sly's first job was to sneak into the Venice police station and see if Murray was locked up there.
"Octavio Snap" Sly
Sly tailed Octavio around town to get photographic evidence of his tar scheme.
"Into the Depths" Sly
Sly and Bentley snuck into Octavio's opera house, so that the latter could hack into his computer to see what he had planned during Carnivale.[note 1]
"Canal Chase" Bentley, Sly
Octavio has hired the Blue Viper Gondola Gang to hunt down and kill Carmelita. Sly and Bentley hot-wired a police boat to chase them down before they could get to her.
"Turf War!" Sly, Carmelita
Octavio has hired the Vincenetti Gang for protection on the day of his recital. Sly lured them to the police station to spark a turf war.
"Tar Ball" Bentley, Murray
Bentley requested Murray's help in destroying six tar pipes around town. Murray did so by using his Aboriginal Ball Form.
"Run 'n Bomb" Sly
Sly and Bentley needed to destroy two balloons advertising Octavio's recital. Without such advertisement, no one would show up to watch him perform.
"Guard Duty" Sly, Bentley
Sly donned a disguise in order for Bentley to sneak into Octavio's coffee houses and swipe the blueprints to the main tar vacuum.
"Operation: Tar-Be Gone!" Sly, Bentley, Murray
Sly and Bentley worked together to shut down Octavio's tar scheme. After Octavio was defeated and his schemes were over, Murray was free to rejoin the gang.

The Getaway[]

Carmelita sits on top of a heavily-bruised Octavio.

With the fight over, Sly and Murray went back to help Bentley up. It was touch and go for a while, but they managed to sneak out right under Carmelita's nose. Octavio was not so lucky, as he got thirty years behind bars for what he did to Venice. He ironically found success as a singer in jail. After all, most of his old fan base was already in the clink.

The gang's big score here was getting Murray back into the gang. Once he put on his mask and gloves, it was clear to everyone, most of all him, that "The Murray" had came back.[note 2]

Master Thief Challenges[]

Challenge name Description
"Canal Chase - Expert Course" Defeat the Blue Viper boats without taking significant damage.
"Air Time" Destroy all the tar reservoirs before time runs out.
"Tower Scramble" Get to the top of the tower and knock the balloon free before time runs out.
"Coin Chase" Collect 20 coins while keeping up with Octavio.
"Speed Bombing" Destroy the vacuum pumps before time runs out.
"Octavio Canal Challenge" Defeat Octavio in the Venice canals under time pressure.
"Octavio's Last Stand" Defeat Octavio before time runs out.
"Venice Treasure Hunt" Using your Treasure Map, follow the clues to find the hidden loot.



  1. While the game refers to the Carnival of Venice as Carnivale, the actual Italian translation for Carnival is Carnevale.
  2. Murray is always in his Dreamtime gear when this episode is revisited. That makes this the only episode in which he is never playable in his regular outfit.