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It's only a matter of time before he puts them back together, and when that happens... well, I'm not going to let that happen.
― Sly, on Arpeggio's recent possession of the Clockwerk parts[src]

"Anatomy for Disaster" is the eighth and final episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It takes place on Arpeggio's blimp, although the setting changes to Paris at the end. The main antagonist is briefly Arpeggio, but after being betrayed, it becomes Neyla, who turns into Clock-La and then kills him.


The Setup[]

As the depleted Northern lights battery that they were stowing away in was being secured onto Arpeggio's blimp, the Cooper Gang reviewed everything that they had on Arpeggio. From a young age, Arpeggio was a student at a prestigious boarding school. While excelling in all academic subjects, Arpeggio could never physically keep up with his classmates, as his small wings never allowed him to fly even as he matured. Not content with his underdeveloped wings, he searched for a cure, studying the works of the Italian Renaissance masters for a way to fly. Eventually, his ambition drew him to a life of crime, and he became the Klaww Gang's chief inventor.

Sly Cooper came to the conclusion that Arpeggio had to have been the one responsible for finding a way to retool the Clockwerk parts for the Klaww Gang's united and individual schemes. Sly also realized that with Arpeggio currently in possession of all of the Clockwerk parts, it was only a matter of time before Arpeggio used them to reassemble Clockwerk. Knowing the consequences of Clockwerk's resurrection, Sly vowed to not give Arpeggio the chance to fully revive Clockwerk.


Job name Completed by
"Blimp HQ Recon" Sly Cooper
Sly takes snapshots of Arpeggio's blimp headquarters to figure out how to stop Arpeggio's reassembly of Clockwerk, but there are shocking twists in store.
"Charged TNT Run" Sly
Clock-La, the amalgamation of Neyla and Clockwerk, is drawing power from the engines on Arpeggio's blimp! Sly has to attach chargers to a TNT barrel to provide a large enough explosion to destroy one of the engines.
"Murray/Sly Tag Team" Murray, Sly
Sly and Murray must team up to destroy one of the blimp's engines.
"Sly/Bentley Conspire" Sly, Bentley
Sly and Bentley must team up to destroy one of the blimp's engines.
"Bentley/Murray Team Up" Bentley, Murray
Bentley and Murray must team up to destroy one of the blimp's engines.
"Mega-Jump Job" Sly
Carmelita Fox has called for a truce with the Cooper Gang to take down Clock-La, but she cannot locate the blimp. Sly must use Bentley's latest invention, the Mega-Jump, to send a radio signal that will lead Carmelita to the blimp.
"Carmelita's Gunner" Sly
It's time to destroy Clock-La once and for all with the help of Carmelita.
"Showdown with Clock-La" Sly, Murray, Bentley
It's the final battle with Clock-La.

The Getaway[]

The Cooper Gang were at the end of the road, the Klaww gang have been defeated and the body of Clockwerk was spread out in burning heaps. Yet, despite the explosion, they all remained pristine. It was as if nothing could ever hurt them. Carmelita arrived and, disappointed that she couldn't get a few shots in on Clock-La, smashed the Hate Chip. After that, the Gang witnessed all of the Clockwerk parts aging in moments. Sly found it ironic that Carmelita, a police officer, would be the one to lift the curse of Clockwerk on the Cooper Clan. Sly stated that the menace of Clockwerk will never again rise to threaten him or his children.

Carmelita, true to her nature, informed the Gang that they were now under arrest. Realizing that his gang was in no shape for a quick getaway, Sly agreed to go quietly in exchange for allowing his friends to walk free. Sly was shocked when he saw Bentley and Murray leave their gear behind as they walked away. He realized that their wounds were deeper than he imagined. Carmelita was found by the police and her boss, Inspector Barkley, who reinstated her and gave her a well-deserved promotion.

On the flight over, Sly and Carmelita shared stories, with Carmelita showing Sly a special bottle of champagne that she had been saving for his arrest. The moment was ruined when Carmelita suddenly realized that the short flight across town has taken over two hours(a fact that Sly kind of clued in after seeing the Eiffel Tower float by seventeen times). As she checked the now empty cockpit, thanks to Bentley and Murray, Sly slipped out of his handcuffs and glided out of the helicopter with Carmelita's bottle of champagne, much to her chagrin. She shouts to Sly that she'll find him before saying with a wry smile: "I'll be seeing you soon...ringtail!".

Hours later, after Carmelita returned to her office, she noticed that the bottle, along with a calling card, was sitting on her desk.



In this episode, the safe is located in the engine room and the combination is 725. Upon opening it, Shadow Power, or invisibility, is received.


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Sly! Come in! Sly! Do you read me?
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  • In the setup cutscene, where it shows Arpeggio at school, one of the birds next to him resembles The Contessa's vultures.
  • The flight time from Canada to Paris is roughly 8 hours and 30 mins.
  • In the PS VITA version, there is a glitch after you complete the mega-jump job where you can still mega jump even though the power-up icon is not seen.
  • Once the "Mega-Jump Job" mission is available, Sly wears a Mega-Jump pack that will not let Sly pick up any of the three loot prizes. The mission must be completed first.
  • This is the only episode not to be set in a fixed geographic location, since the blimp is travelling from Canada to Paris during its events.