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Sly in the costume, after winning a archer contest

The Archer Costume was one of the costumes available for Sly Cooper to use in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, acquired in Medieval England. It was created by Bentley when he sent Sly out to gather materials for the costume, such as metal, wood and leather.[1] After obtaining the costume,[notes 1] Sly made use of the new abilities granted to rescue Sir Galleth Cooper from the circus[2] and to fight the Black Knight.


Some say this outfit was tailored by a genius, but whatever the case, it certainly spawned a fashion trend in Merry Olde England. Combining stylish good looks with rugged durability, it allows the wearer to fire arrows with attached ropes, creating tightrope pathways.
― In-game description[src]

The Archer Costume, while worn, would dress Sly in a similar appearance to Robin Hood. He wears a brown bycocket adorned with a red feather on his head. A green tunic with a brown mantle is worn, along with brown leather gloves, a belt and brown boots. A quiver is worn on his back,[notes 2] and Sly's cane is replaced with a bow with a crook on one end.


  • Fire arrows: Pressing circle next to a bucket of arrows will have Sly grab an arrow out of the bucket. Holding r1 will draw the bow, and releasing after a few seconds will fire the arrow. left analog stick is used to aim before firing and to guide the arrow during flight. The Gadget Meter[notes 3] is drained at a steady rate while the arrow is flying through the air; the camera will return back to Sly if the arrow hits an object or enemy, or if the meter depletes. Pressing circle before or while drawing the bow will cancel it out. Any guards hit by arrows will be taken out in one shot, including flashlight guards. There are two different types of arrow buckets that Sly can fire arrows from:
    • Buckets that contain red arrows and ropes are used for shooting targets to create a tightrope between it and the bucket, allowing Sly to use the Rail Walk to access new areas. Getting a bullseye on the target (hitting the small center circle) occasionally sends a couple of coins Sly's way, along with a possible health pick-up if needed. If Sly hits a target, the bucket of arrows associated with the target can no longer be used unless a laser cuts the rope.
    • Buckets that contain blue arrows are only used for shooting guards.

Restrictions and limitations[]

Possessing the least amount of functions out of Sly's costumes, the Archer Costume has no other function than firing arrows from buckets. Not only does the costume disable Sly's use of any ThiefNet gadgets, such as the use of the paraglider, he is also unable to perform some of his default moves such as the Spin Attack or Stealth Slam. Despite his bow having a hooked end on one side, Sly is unable to swing from hooks or attach to wall hooks.[notes 4]


Behind the scenes[]

The Archer Costume was Sly's pre-order costume in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.[3]

One of Sly's idle animations while wearing this costume has him playing his bow similarly to a guitar.

Bug: If Sly enters the secret room in the Arabian city (called the Lazy Trunk Spa & Lounge on the map) while wearing the Archer Costume, a glitch will occur due to the area not allowing Sly to switch into any costume other than the Thief Costume. Returning to the safe house via the pause menu will fix this.


  • When square is pressed, Sly will swing his bow similarly to his cane, allowing it to be used in melee combat. In real life, bows are generally not used and designed as melee weapons due to being light and flexible, with the possibility of damaging the bow if struck hard enough.
  • This costume is the only one in the game to incorporate the Cooper clan's trademark C-shape into it. One of the tips of the bow bears the shape.
    • Despite this, the Archer Costume lacks the ability to hook and swing from objects or attach to wall hooks as previously mentioned.


  1. Unlike with all other costumes in Thieves in Time, obtaining the Archer Costume is not accompanied with an introduction scene for it.
  2. Despite having this strapped on his back, Sly does not use it to store any arrows, being limited to only firing them from buckets.
  3. The Gadget Meter for the Archer Costume is unique in that it only appears while Sly is aiming and firing arrows, while remaining invisible otherwise.
  4. This costume, along with the Thief Costume, are the only two costumes that retain Sly's acrobatic mobility.