Sly: Murray! What's going on down there?
Murray: Well, I drove to this hot dog stand for a quick snack and the next thing you know I'm getting challenged to a race by these gangster dogs!
― Discussing the race[src]

"At the Dog Track" was a job in "Sunset Snake Eyes" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It was the first of two racing missions in the game.


Murray met three gangster dogs who challenged him to a race around the track for a treasure key.


After Murray drove up to a hot dog stand for a snack, several of Muggshot's gangsters challenged him to a race, in which the reward was a treasure key. Sly gave Murray encouragement before the race began.

As Murray raced around the track three times in his van, he overtook the four other cars by using the nitro-boosts that sat along the track, eventually taking first place, and therefore winning the key.



  • In The Sly Collection, when you enter this mission, it first plays the same music that is heard when Sly confronts Muggshot in the boss mission. It then plays the original music once the race begins.
  • A poster of the Panda King can be seen along the racetrack, as well as a couple of posters of Raleigh, and one from the game's developer, Sucker Punch Productions.
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