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Bentley: That chopper is a menace to all future aerial operations while on this job.
Murray: Yeah, it's all covered in missiles and guns and stuff.
― Upon starting the mission[src]

"Battle the Chopper" was a job for Murray in "A Starry Eyed Encounter" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. With the drawbridge lowered, Murray needed to take down Rajan's security chopper to clear the skies for the heist.

Bentley pointed Murray to Rajan's security chopper hovering above the palace grounds, describing it as a menace to any future aerial operations while on this job. He then pointed him to a nearby rusty pre-war turret. Comparing the turret to a potato gun he once had, Murray was positive it would work just as fine. After getting the turret operational, he took control of it and gunned down the chopper until it exploded.