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Once again, brains triumph over brawn!
― Bentley to Jean Bison after defeating him[src]

Bentley, the brains, is the deuteragonist of the Sly Cooper series. He is a male turtle with green skin and black eyes which are covered by glasses, which he needs due to being nearsighted.[1] He is best friends with Sly Cooper and Murray, and is he a member of the Cooper Gang. His significant other and rival is his ex-girlfriend Penelope.

Bentley first appeared in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus at the age of 18. His current age is unknown, as he was 20 in Sly 2: Band of Thieves and 21 in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, but an unknown amount of time passed between that and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. At the end of Sly 2, Bentley lost the use of his legs and currently uses a highly-modified wheelchair that actually makes him more mobile and powerful than he was while able to walk.

He was voiced by Matt Olsen in all of his game appearances and was set to be voiced by Olsen again in the upcoming film, though the film has been shelved.



Operation Cookie Connection has begun!
― Bentley during the Cooper Gang's first heist[src]

As a young turtle living with his family in the swamp he called home, Bentley wandered away from his siblings due to his nearsightedness. A relative of Mrs. Puffin found him and delivered him to the Happy Camper Orphanage.[1] He quickly became friends with Murray and Sly when they arrived. They soon combined their skills; Bentley's knowledge, Sly's athleticism and Murray's enthusiasm; and created a lifelong bond.

Their first heist was to steal the orphanage's cookie jar from Mrs. Puffin because of Murray's inability to sleep due to constantly thinking about the cookies. Dubbed the "Cooky-Steelin' Plan by Bentley," the plan was for Sly to hide in Mrs. Puffin's trash can and wait until she left for the night.

Bentley and the gang going over the "Cookie-stealin' Plan"

During the heist, Bentley kept in contact with Sly, via an invention he created called the "cupinator," which was two cans and a piece of string. Both Bentley and Murray waited outside the office's window on a tricycle to escape with. Bentley had calculated that they only had 3 minutes and 42 seconds until the janitor came to clean the room. While Sly got into position, Bentley told him that they had run out of time. Sly, quickly thinking on his feet used the furniture to get to the cookie jar from on top of the bookshelf. Sly then heard the janitor walking down the hall. Murray vowed to save Sly by pedaling away from the window while Sly held onto the cupinator before he could grab the jar. Not realizing Bentley did not put brakes on the tricycle yet, Murray crashed it. Sly then told the gang that they were lucky. Bentley wondered what Sly meant, as they had (supposedly) failed the mission. Sly then revealed that he managed to store all the cookie's in his cap before Murray saved Sly. The three then began eating the cookies together, and thus the world's greatest gang of thieves was born.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

Bentley looking at blueprints

Bentley is portrayed as a timid, shut-in person. Sometimes, he even seems a bit stressed and uptight, although he only does this to protect his friends in any way he can. He is shown to be somewhat a germophobe, especially fearing the swamps of Mz. Ruby's hideout.

Helping Sly and Murray from behind the scenes, Bentley was essential to the Cooper Gang's exploits in retrieving the Thievius Raccoonus, even though he never stepped out of the safety of the Cooper Van. Bentley did most of the planning, but when Sly fell victim to a gas chamber trap, he put aside his fears and hacked Clockwerk's computer to save Sly's life, as well as the life of Carmelita Fox. After the defeat of Clockwerk, Sly later contemplated that he would not have gotten anywhere without the help of Bentley and his expertise.

The Adventures of Sly Cooper, Issue 1

Sly: Are you there, Bentley? I'm within visual range of Dimitri's mansion.
Bentley: I'm here. From what I've managed to get out of the security system, the grounds are heavily guarded. I'd recommend a second-story entry.
― During their heist of the Venus de Whalo[src]

Bentley and the gang planned to steal a valuable statue called the Venus de Whalo from Dimitri Lousteau during a party held at Dimitri's mansion with his fiancée Beverly D'Oinkeau in Monaco. Sly snuck into the mansion's attic, only to find some of Dimitri's guards forging pieces of fine art. Sly then quickly dispatched all of the guards, then told Bentley that they were switching to plan B. Sly was then ambushed by a member of security, with Bentley worried on the other end of the radio. A group of guards then reported to Ms. D'Oinkeau Sly's appearance in the attic. Both D'Oinkeau and Inspector Carmelita Fox, who had been invited to the party to protect The Venus de Whalo, rushed to the scene. When they got there, they didn't find Sly, but found Dimitri's men tied up and knocked out. Both women then realized that Dimitri was a forger. Carmelita then realized that she had been tricked and rushed back to the statue, only to find that it had disappeared and that Sly's calling card with a beret on it was in its place. The guards that had informed D'Oinkeau and Carmelita were actually Bentley and Co., who were now putting the Venus de Whalo in the back of the Cooper Van. Realizing that they ran 12 minutes and 37 seconds over schedule, Bentley told the gang that they had to wait 45 minutes until another boat arrived so they could leave on it. Sly quickly ran off telling the gang that he would keep Inspector Fox busy. Bentley thought to himself that Sly went over schedule on purpose just to see Carmelita again. After distracting Carmelita enough, the Cooper Gang escaped Monaco via the boat, with the Venus de Whalo in tow.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Great field work, Bentley. You're really getting the hang of this.
― Sly, on Bentley's growing exerience[src]

Bentley became the team's expert in explosives and mechanical variety. He has also shown that he's capable of extremely advanced planning, even more so than the first game. Bentley is arguably the glue of all the team's plans and strategies. Accompanying Sly and Murray across the world to recover the lost pieces of Clockwerk, many things changed for Bentley along the way. As opposed to the timid shut in he once was, Bentley was now willing to perform field work for the team.


Bentley got his own moment when Sly and Murray are captured by The Contessa and he was left to fend for himself. At first, he was slightly afraid, but he knew he had to put his fears aside to save his friends. Bravely taking the challenge at hand by himself with the help of his gadgets, Bentley managed to save his friends and seemed to gain a great deal of confidence in his ability. This event served as a great source of inspiration for him, proving that he can do much more than what he reckons.

Bentley continued to greatly help the team, becoming much more forward with the others due to his experiences. In his first official boss battle, Bentley even took on Jean Bison. Sadly, Bentley's legs were later crippled by the beak of Clock-La as he was removing the Hate Chip. Murray felt very psychologically hurt by this, as he wasn't paying attention. Bentley, however, held no ill will towards his friend, believing that he did everything he could and that it wasn't his fault.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

Bentley: It's no secret, I'm smarter than the other guys. But there's more to it than that.
Dr. M: (chuckles) Like what?
Bentley: Like brotherhood.
― During their confrontation[src]

In between Sly 2 and Sly 3, Sly and Murray recovered Bentley from the hospital he was staying in. He shows, however, that he felt insecure with going back and felt like he'd be a "burden" to the team now that Bentley's crippled. Soon after the gang made their escape, Murray later left the team due to his guilt.

In Sly 3, Bentley continued to mature, and played quite a central role in the game's story. As well as having to deal with his paralysis, Bentley seemed surprisingly brash at times. He has been told more than once he had "gotten devious over the years," since his plans have steadily become more violent and painful for the enemy. At various times in the game, Bentley confronted several villains by himself and was quite verbally offensive. Also, Bentley has quite successfully turned his weakness into his greatest strength, as Bentley's wheelchair was loaded with all sorts of technology, making him a force to be reckoned with. Every weapon Bentley has was integrated into the chair, and was clearly shown in the game (e.g., in binocucom radio messages, while every other character's face was close to the camera, Bentley's is leaning back, as the binocucom is on a mechanical arm). He also made optimizer goggles to see better in dark environments.

Eventually, Bentley found a love interest in Penelope, a mouse with very similar interests as Bentley. At first, however, she was attracted to Sly, and Bentley showed very subtle, but strong, feelings of jealousy over this, and even tried to impress her by saying that he was the brains of the outfit. He couldn't bring himself to hate his friend, but luckily he was able to prove his heroism by saving Penelope twice. She returned the favor, and their blossoming love served as an inspiration to Sly in his relationship with Carmelita Fox. Penelope was also the only character Bentley has shown even a small amount of insecurity over his disability to, and even admitted during the heist in Dead Men Tell No Tales that he wishes he had all of Sly's abilities, which implies that Bentley feels incredibly inferior to Sly's looks, abilities and family skills.

It is hinted that there may be a notion that Bentley does all the real work and Sly takes all the credit. Dr. M reveals that like Bentley, he was the brains of the Gang that included him, McSweeney and Conner Cooper, and he tried to convince Bentley that Sly wasn't his real friend. Bentley himself began to have a suspicion that he and Murray were simply subordinates to Sly since only Sly was allowed to enter the vault's superstructure. Murray reminded Bentley, however, that if the two had switched places, Sly would be happy for Bentley because he's something more than credit or treasure, he's a true friend. Bentley's doubt was cleared and he stood by his beloved friends to the end, proving that they have a true friendship the previous gang seemed to lack.

After the final battle, Sly disappeared. Bentley found Sly's cane and equipment, as well as all of his family's stockpiled treasure soon after the battle with Dr. M. When Sly didn't return after a few months or so, the team had split up and went their separate ways. Bentley and Penelope were the last ones remaining, constructing a new, more advanced Cooper Vault to maintain the legacy. Bentley seemingly inherited the Thievius Raccoonus in the end, becoming the first non-Cooper to write in the book. This emphasizes Sly's statement that Bentley is not a sidekick or lackey, but his "equal;" not only does he get to write in the book like Sly, but Sly entrusts the family legacy and the Cooper Gang itself to Bentley.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Bentley's Introduction in Thieves in Time.jpg

Bentley reprises his role as genius and strategist supreme in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. He is still confined to a wheelchair and now wears the pith helmet and bulletproof vest from Sly 2. Bentley also outfitted his wheelchair with two robotic arms. Bentley's retains his personality he had in Sly 3, although, he does make many more jokes with Sly throughout the game. This is especially evident in Clan of the Cave Raccoon, when he and Sly had a large back-and-forth with egg-related jokes. He still worried for his friends from time to time and supported them in any way possible, especially when Murray felt saddened when Bob Cooper was selected for a mission instead of him.


Bentley shows the gang his time machine

While building his time machine, Bentley noticed that Penelope has gone missing. Worried that something was wrong, he searched the area and found that the Thievius Raccoonus was losing content right before his eyes. Determined to save the Cooper Legacy, he went and recruited Murray and Sly as quickly as he could. After meeting up at their old Paris hideout, Bentley explains to Sly and Murray that someone or something was literally causing the contents of the Thievius Raccoonus to be erased from history. Bentley's solution to this problem was to travel back in time and repair the damage themselves, and fortunately, he had already built a Time machine and modified its design to fit in Murray's van. The only downside was that in order to travel to a specific time period, the machine requires an item that was made during that era. The gang figured out from the changes in the Thievius Raccoonus that their first stop was Feudal Japan. In order to reach this time period, the gang needed to steal a 17th century samurai dagger from a nearby museum run by an art collector, who secretly operates an illegal, black market trafficking priceless stolen treasures. Before they began their heist, the gang tasked Dimitri Lousteau with protecting the Thievius Raccoonus and, with the aid of Bentley's special communication device, update them on any changes to the book.

Turning Japanese

After stealing the dagger, the gang just barely escapes the museum's security guards by time travelling to feudal Japan at the last second. Based on the change in the Thievius Raccoonus, the gang needed to locate and help Rioichi Cooper, master ninja and sushi chef. However, once the gang arrived to Japan in 1603 AD, they soon discovered that a local Japanese village was strictly patrolled by a group of boar guards and that a mercenary general from the present-day, named El Jefe, had framed and imprisoned Rioichi Cooper in a high-security jail for having supposedly served bad sushi to the era's Shogun. Due to El Jefe's presence in the past, Bentley comes to a horrifying conclusion: The Cooper Gang aren't the only people who have access to a time machine. With Bentley's aid, Sly infiltrates the prison using a disguise and frees Riochi. Back at the hideout, Rioichi confirmed that El Jefe was cause of his problems, so the gang began plotting to free the village from the tiger's grasp.

Bentley and Murray gather fish for Rioichi to cook

First, Sly helped Rioichi reclaim his sushi restaurant, as an act of rebellion towards El Jefe, while Bentley and Murray went to the Sashimi Caverns to collect fish for Rioichi's sushi business. From his observations, Bentley found out that El Jefe would only leave his palace to speak with Madame Geisha. To find out what El Jefe was telling her, someone would need to impersonate her after stealing her costume. To that end, Rioichi and Murray snuck into the Geisha House to steal the costume. There, Murray tested the costume on a group of boar guards, who quickly became infatuated with the disguised hippo. Afterwards, Bentley deployed his RC car to follow El Jefe around the village to find out any of his weaknesses. When El Jefe went to the Geisha House, he was greeted by Murray, disguised as Madame Geisha. El Jefe let his guard down and didn't notice that Murray stole his plans from his back and gave them to Bentley. The gang finally had enough intel to infiltrate El Jefe's palace and take him down.

However, the Dragon Gates, which guarded the entrance to El Jefe's palace, were patrolled by several guards at all times. If the Cooper Gang was to gain access to the palace, they would need to get rid of the guards first. To do so, Bentley tasked Rioichi with collecting two poison seeds from a plant in the Sashimi Caverns called the Spiky Wall Climber, which secretes a mild toxin that could act as a sedative. Once the guards ate Rioichi's spiked sushi rolls and fell asleep, the Cooper Gang easily made their way to El Jefe's palace.

Suddenly, as the gang approached the palace bridge, a large and mysterious blimp adorned with clocks emerged from the palace, much to their surprise and confusion. Nevertheless, the gang continued onward to the palace. However, El Jefe anticipated their arrival, and closed the palace sword gate and ordered a horde of rat troopers to attack them. Sly, Bentley, and Murray fight them off as Rioichi makes his way to the gate switch underneath the bridge. With guards defeated and the gate open, the team presses on after El Jefe. However, El Jefe ambushes Rioichi and steals his cane to deliver it to a new owner, before destroying most of the bridge with his katanas to prevent the Cooper Gang from pursuing him. As the only member of the team with the speed and agility necessary to cross the broken bridge, Sly tells everyone else to stay behind, while he presses on to get Rioichi's cane back. Sly manages to defeat El Jefe after a lengthy battle, however, he is ambushed by two rat troopers, who take Rioichi's cane from the tiger's unconscious body and retreat to the mysterious blimp, which suddenly disappears in a flash of light.

Bentley uses a sheriff's badge to travel back to the Old West

Even though El Jefe had been beaten and delivered to cops, the victory was meaningless since Rioichi's cane was stolen. The gang returned to the hideout and contacted Dimitri for an update on the Thievius Raccoonus. He explained that "Tennessee Kid" Cooper needed their help next, so gang need to travel back to the 1880s. Luckily, one of the rat troopers that took Rioichi's cane, dropped an old sheriff's badge. Bentley analyzed the badge and realized it was exactly what they needed. With the old sheriff's badge in the time machine, the gang departed for the Old West.

Go West Young Raccoon;

Once the gang arrived in the Old West, in the year 1884 AD, they began the search for Sly's outlaw ancestor, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper, in the town of Cotton Mouth Bluff. They soon discovered that Tennessee had been arrested by the local sheriff, an egotistical armadillo named Toothpick. After numerous calculations, Bentley determined that the quickest way to free Tennessee from the prison was from the inside, because the outlaw would soon be executed by hanging. This meant that Sly would have to allow himself to be captured. After Sly deliberately defaced his posters, stole his favorite lollipop, and took down the banner for his appreciation festival, an angry Toothpick has the raccoon thief arrested and sent to the Maximum Security wing of the Saddle Sore Correctional Facility with Tennessee.

Framed 1.png

With Sly imprisoned, Bentley had no choice but to perform reconnaissance on the prison himself. Afterwards, Bentley contacted Sly and guided him and Tennessee out of the prison. When they returned to the hideout, Tennessee revealed that he had been planning to pull off a massive bank heist (one that would make him the most famous outlaw of the Old West and go down in Cooper lore as his masterpiece), but he was arrested by Sheriff Toothpick before he had even committed the crime. Curiously, the robbery still occurred and Tennessee was unlawfully tried, even though he was already in jail at the time of the robbery. Bentley used his computer to research Toothpick and found out that he was originally a mobster from present-day eastern Europe who grew up loving cowboy movies and gold, so he specialized in gold robberies. This proved that Toothpick did frame Tennessee and that he is a time traveling criminal, like El Jefe. The gang decided to help Tennessee steal back the missing gold and restore his reputation as the greatest outlaw of the Old West.

However, before Tennessee can be of any help, the gang must steal his cane/gun back. According to Bentley's sources, Toothpick converted an old gold mine into a storage facility for his stolen goods, including Tennessee's gun. Bentley, wearing a disguise, follows Toothpick to the mine's entrance and marks it with a homing beacon for Murray to follow. After Toothpick went inside of the mine to look at his gold collection, Bentley attempted to hack a terminal to gain access to the Budd Stagg Caverns, but, suddenly, a group of large, aggressive scorpions approached him. Luckily, Murray arrives, with Tennessee in tow, and kills the scorpions with a nearby turret. After Murray takes out all thirty scorpions, Bentley proceeds to hack the terminal. Once that's accomplished, Murray pries open the cavern door by hand and Tennessee slides underneath. Once Tennessee gets his gun back, Bentley helps him escape from the mines.

Next, the gang needs to know what Toothpick is planning, so Bentley decides that a bug should be planted in his office. Conveniently, Bentley learns that the Saloon that holds the office needs a new bartender. Donning his mustachioed disguised, Bentley enters the saloon and serves the bull guards, Tapper-style, with his special home-brewed sarsaparilla, one that is so sugary that it would cause them all to crash. After a majority of the guards had passed out, Sly entered the bar through a window, avoided the remaining guards who were still on patrol and maneuvered through the casino before deploying Bentley's RC car into an open air vent. Bentley then drove the car through the ventilation system before arriving at a vent that was situated in Toothpick's office. From the vent, he overheard Toothpick telling two of his guards about his plan: Leaving Cotton Mouth Bluff on a train with all of his stolen goods from the mine loaded on it and taking them back to the present day to become rich. Toothpick also mentions that his "partner" has a trick up his sleeve and has given him the means to defeat the Cooper Gang.

Toothpick captures the Cooper Gang

Before Bentley could come up with a plan to stop Toothpick, Tennessee informed him of a horrifying discovery: While walking through town, he saw a fox woman being held captive by Toothpick and his men. Bentley recognized her as Carmelita Fox and told Tennessee that her well-being was important and that he must rescue her immediately. Tennessee ventured into Cackling Jackalope Canyon to rescue her while the rest of the gang went an alternate route in the Cooper Van. After Tennessee rescued Carmelita from a runaway stagecoach, Sly, Bentley, and Murray arrived at the scene to help. However, the trio is suddenly held at gunpoint, captured and brought back to the prison by Toothpick and his men, who reveals that the fox was bait to lure out the Cooper Gang.

Carmelita & the Cooper Gang SC4.png

The Cooper Gang is soon saved by Tennessee and Carmelita, who used an old boat to travel upstream to the prison. Once they make it to safety, Carmelita can barely restrain her anger at Sly for lying to her and betraying her trust, but she explains how she got sent back in time: After the Cooper Gang escaped from the museum in the prologue, Carmelita investigated the museum after hearing rumors of a black market trafficking priceless, stolen treasures. She found the stolen treasure on display in the museum and that the museum's owner, Cyrille Le Paradox, was unloading them. Le Paradox and his rat troopers captured her and gave her to Toothpick in Cotton Mouth Bluff to prevent her from blowing his cover. Even though they figured out that Le Paradox was behind the Thievius Raccoonus' erasure, the gang and Carmelita are stranded in the past since Toothpick stole the Cooper Van and its time machine.

During a chalk talk, Bentley explains that Toothpick is using their van to turbocharge his train and that it will be impossible to go after it while its docked in Budd Stagg Caverns because the mine will have extra security since their escape. In order to get their van back, the gang will have to get on the train while its moving out of town, but in order to catch it, the train's route must be diverted. To do that, three key track switches must be unlocked and Toothpick has entrusted the keys to three of his toughest henchmen: Wildman Weezner, Frenchie Le Stashe and Red Eye Robles, who carry them at all times. The good news is that during the Toothpick Appreciation Festival, there are a number of contests, and all of them will be competing. Bentley enters Murray in the Bare Knuckle Brawl contest to defeat "Wildman", Sly in the Toothpick 500 to beat Frenchie's race time, and Carmelita in the shooting contest to outperform Red Eye.

Screenshot 2013-02-27 at 12.19.28 PM.png

Once they obtained all three keys, Tennessee uses them to divert the train's route and the gang jumps onto the train from a bridge. The gang breaks up into three groups, with each assigned a job that must be done in order to stop Toothpick. Bentley makes his way to a computer terminal near the middle of the train and hacks the train's whistles in order to annoy Toothpick while Carmelita clears the way by shooting the steers guarding the computer. At the rear of the train, Murray retrieves the van, driving it off of the train and speeding up to pick up the groups once they've accomplished their tasks. Meanwhile, Tennessee makes his way through the interior of the train to steal back the gold Toothpick stole from him and Sly moves on the roof to cover any possible escape routes. Bentley uses the van's harpoon to carry the gold for Tennessee as he approaches Toothpick at the engine. Unfortunately, Toothpick helps two rat troopers steal Tennessee's gun. Sly fights Toothpick on Tennessee's behalf and defeats the armadillo using the train's whistle and furnace. Tennessee takes the defeated Toothpick captive and kicks him off of the train, before following suit. As Sly celebrates Toothpick's defeat, Bentley warns him that the train is headed for a broken bridge. Sly jumps onto the van and Murray tries to stop it, however, the brakes won't work because van's rockets won't shut down. As Carmelita panics, the van's doors open up and the stolen gold is accidentally tossed to Tennessee. In desperation, Bentley grabs Murray's Australian fossil necklace and throws it into the time machine as the van drives off of the cliff. The van time travels before it crashes in the ravine, much to the gang's relief. However, they end up stuck in an unknown time period.

Clan of the Cave Raccoon

Cooper Gang cave hideout.png

After avoiding certain death, the gang accidentally time traveled to Gungathal Valley, Australia in the year 10,000 B.C. Unfortunately, the crash landing and debris from Toothpick's train had damaged the van, so the time machine wasn't working properly. Even Bentley's transceiver was damaged, so contacting Dimitri was impossible. Worst of all, the gang had no idea how or why Le Paradox developed his own time machine. Carmelita kept her distance from the gang because she was still angry at Sly for lying to her. Sly attempted to talk to Carmelita, to apologize and come to an understanding. However, when he approached her, Carmelita left the hideout in anger and threatened Sly not to follow. Nevertheless, the Cooper gang decided the first order of business was to figure out where and when they were, and to repair the van. Otherwise, they'd be stranded in prehistoric Australia.

During a chalk talk, Bentley explains to Sly that they need to track down the missing components to the time machine that broke off in the crash landing. Fortunately, the advanced trajectoral management processor was still functional, so Bentley was able to calculate their most likely positions: The temporal sprocket fell into nearby pterodactyl nests and the gravity encabulator was taken by prehistoric penguins. Bentley instructs Sly to take photos of their precise locations, so he can analyze them and formulate a plan to retrieve them. Bentley warns Sly to be careful because he suspects that they aren't first time travelers to come to Gungathal Valley. This is because on Bentley's map of the area, a conveyor belt system is shown to be connected to a nearby mountain; Definitely not Ice Age technology. Bentley asks Sly to take pictures of the conveyor belt system as well. After he takes the photos, Bentley has Sly head over to a "building that resembles an arena" because his thermovision is picking up a lot of activity there. When he arrives, Sly finds a black bear, named "The Grizz", painting on a nearby rock. Sly takes a picture of him, so Bentley can identify him. Sly immediately notes that Grizz doesn't belong in this era because of the jewelry and crown he wears. Bentley agrees and tells Sly to come back the hideout.

Afterwards, Bentley decides that the gang should figure out what Grizz is planning, so Sly infiltrates Grizz's lair to spy on him. When Sly sneaks above the Arena Gate, he finds a prehistoric raccoon imprisoned and surrounded by Grizz's men over a lake of lava. Bentley suspects that he could be Sly's ancestor and urges him to free him. In order to reach the raccoon over the fiery lake, Bentley tells Sly to steal a sabertooth tiger skin from Grizz's bedroom. Sly notices Grizz nearby and doesn't seem surprised that he captured the caveman. Bentley notices that the raccoon has a club that resembles a Cooper cane and urges Sly to make haste. However, Grizz's guards steal the caveman's club and Grizz gives it to one of Le Paradox's rat troopers. After Sly steals the skin, he uses its Cyclone Pounce ability to defeat the tigers restraining the caveman. After running several tests, Bentley tells Sly that he is sure the raccoon is his ancestor and he may be the very first Cooper. With his restraints gone, the raccoon breaks free and takes out all the guards. Sly jumps down to meet him and asks the raccoon what his name is. While Sly seems to understand, it is only gibberish. Taking this into consideration, Sly decides to call him Bob. Bob and Bentley insist that they leave before more guards show up, so Sly takes him to the hideout.

Bob and the Gang.png

Once they arrived, Bentley provided the background on his former captor, Grizz. Originally, Grizz was a common street thug and graffiti artist, who'd been made famous by a prominent pop artist. Grizz's primitive artwork was hailed as a brilliant new style called "paleo-graffiti" and earned him celebrity status. His fame was short-lived, however, when people realized that his art was mediocre. Resentful, Grizz returned to his criminal roots, quickly becoming the top art thief on INTERPOL's Most Wanted list and one Carmelita's main targets, other than Sly. It became clear that Grizz avoided capture through his deal with Le Paradox. Bob explained that Grizz had mysteriously appeared and started harvesting all the pterodactyl eggs in the area, eliminating his role as food provider for his tribe and greatest egg thief ever. Depressed, Bob went into a slump and became overweight, which allowed Grizz to easily capture him and take the tool/cane he'd invented to steal eggs. The gang decided to figure out what operation Grizz was running for Le Paradox, and why it involved stealing pterodactyl eggs. They also needed Bob's help to find the rest of the van parts, which meant the gang had to get him back into climbing shape.

As the first order of business, Bentley tasks Murray with training Caveman 'Bob' Cooper and helping him get back in shape. Next, Murray volunteers to climb up Frostbite Peak and retrieve Bentley's temporal sprocket. After defeating a group of dodo birds, Murray attempts to climb up a wall of ice. However, he is unable to hold on and keeps slipping off. Due to lack of time, Bentley calls in Bob to climb the wall instead, which disappoints Murray. Bentley tries to cheer him up by reminding him that he's the one who trained Bob. Bentley tells him to return to the hideout and have a snack. However, Murray is so upset that he doesn't want to eat, much to his own surprise. After Bob returns the sprocket, Bentley requests Murray's help to reclaim his broken gravity encabulator from a group of prehistoric penguins. However, Murray is still upset about being replaced by Bob in the previous mission. Bentley tries to comfort him by reminding him of his importance to the team. Murray reluctantly agrees and tracks down each penguin to reassemble the encabulator. When Murray collects all five of the encabulator pieces, Bentley congratulates him for his success, but Murray believes that "making birds barf" isn't really a good achievement. Nevertheless, Bentley continues to compliment Murray by saying he's the best "bird barfer" he's ever seen. This partial cheers up Murray, who finally feels good enough to start eating again.

Afterwards, Bentley visits the Cold Storage Caverns to find Grizz and tag him with a homing dart, so the bear can lead the Cooper Gang to his lair. Bentley uses thermovision to track Grizz through the caves and comes to a large painting with Grizz viewing it. Instead of tagging him and leaving, Bentley decides to view the painting as well, and Grizz continues further into the cavern. Bentley realizes that certain spots on the painting are buttons which open the door Grizz closed behind him. Bentley shoots three buttons in the correct order to unlock the door and travels through a long tunnel to find Grizz. Bentley realizes that Grizz uses the tunnels to move the stolen pterodactyl eggs to his mountain base. When Bentley reaches the next cave, he sees Grizz ordering his Mammoth guards to patrol the area while he finishes a painting and gives them three gems that unlock a door, before leaving. Bentley uses thermovision to see which guards hold the gems and goes after Grizz once more. After making his way through another tunnel, Bentley finds Grizz again and realizes that he is running a prehistoric art scam where he paints fake cave paintings in the Gungathal Valley, buries them in the past, and then digs them up in the present to sell them for a fortune. Realizing there is no time to waste, Bentley tags Grizz and leaves.

Next, Bentley tasks Sly with following Grizz until he can get the code to his fortress, because they need to get in there if they're going to stop him. As Sly follows Grizz around the village, the black bear talks to his employer, Cyrille Le Paradox, on high tech phone. Apparently, Le Paradox refuses to give Grizz more supplies for his prehistoric art scam, despite Grizz stealing Bob's cane for him. As Grizz complains to Le Paradox about his problems, Bentley attempts to access the data in his phone. Grizz demands that Le Paradox honor his end of the deal and help him obtain more eggs for his paint, before threatening to harm him. Le Paradox abruptly hangs up the phone, which causes an angry Grizz to smash his phone, before entering his mountain base. As a result, Bentley is unable to obtain the code and says that they're back to square one. Fortunately, Carmelita has finally calmed down and reveals that she has the security codes and full schematics for Grizz's mountain base after following Grizz on her own. With the intel that Carmelita gathered, the gang is finally ready to defeat Grizz and shut down his counterfeit cave painting production.

Of Mice and Mechs

In Of Mice and Mechs, Bentley was distraught to find that Penelope's disappearance was really a betrayal of him and the Cooper Gang. She had seemingly sided with Le Paradox. Penelope later affirmed that her betrayal was because she wanted Bentley to see that the two of them could be so much greater, and that Sly was really the enemy. Bentley held the same stance he held in the past against Dr. M, that he and Sly are equals and no one else could get between them. He also realized that Penelope was somehow self-hypnotized by the belief of power and money, and that she failed to realize that Le Paradox was the one in control, not her. He battled her, each one using a mech, and with Bentley being the winner.

Later on, Sly contemplated that Bentley has finally matured into his own self. Bentley's thoughts about the Clock-La incident and his crippled legs, as well as Penelope and his broken heart raced through his head, but each and every time, he came out on top. Sly's trust and pride in Bentley reached an all-time high at this point, and felt pretty confident that with Bentley's new found strength, they would have no problem taking down Le Paradox.

After Sly disappeared at the end of Thieves in Time, Bentley began searching frantically for him. As of right now, Sly is still missing, and Bentley is continuing his search for his best friend. During Penelope's escape from prison, Bentley has recently been receiving mysterious postcards.

Other appearances

The following is based on non-canon content and is not considered to be part of the Sly Cooper continuity.

It looks like three black holes have converged and it sucked us through a Worm Hole into another world.
― Bentley in PlayStation Move Heroes

In PlayStation Move Heroes, Bentley was taken to a mysterious world with Sly and Murray where they met with Ratchet, Clank, Jak and Daxter. He has one Combustor, one Disc and one Bolt in his Gadgets. At the beginning of the game, Bentley made a rivalry with Clank because of their intelligence.

Bentley in PlayStation Move Heroes.

Bentley also appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, where he appears during Sly's level 3 Super Move. He is seen in the binocucom, telling Sly to "Focus on as many targets as possible" as Sly takes pictures of others to defeat them.

Along with the release of Thieves in Time, Bentley had his own title released known as Bentley's Hackpack. This downloadable game features an arcade, named Bentley's Arcade, where various minigames can be played. Coins are rewarded for accomplishments and can then be exchanged to unlock viewable objects from previous games. Presumably, the player takes on the role of Bentley as they go into the arcade and play the mini-games.

Bentley, along with Sly and the Cooper Van, makes a cameo appearance in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart as part of the RYNO 8; whenever the RYNO 8 is fired, there is a random chance that Sly, Bentley, or the Cooper Van will appear out of a dimension rift created by the weapon.

Non-canon information ends here.


Physical appearance

Bentley has green skin, an indigo shell (which has a blue rim and blue spots) with a light brown plastron, as well as beady black eyes that are almost always hidden behind thick brow-line tortoiseshell glasses. Bentley's outfit in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is apparently casual; he wears a red bow tie around his neck, what appears to be a short-sleeved dress shirt, a watch around his wrist, and a sweater-vest worn underneath his shell. It is also seen a few other times in the next two games. Oddly in this game, he also seems to have two strands of hair on his head, but they aren't seen in cutscenes.

In Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Bentley wears what appears to be a bulletproof vest along with complimentary knee and elbow pads, showing humorously that Bentley is a safety first type of guy. He also wore a pith helmet on his head.

In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, as well as being confined to a wheelchair, Bentley now wears what appears to be bicycle safety gear and a blue bicycle helmet.

In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, he once again dons a pith helmet and a bulletproof vest, along with a gray button-up shirt underneath his vest. His wheelchair has also been further modified with robotic arms and boosters. His shell is now just plain blue. During some missions in Go West Young Raccoon, he also dons a fake mustache as a disguise.


Bentley's personality changes throughout his life. As a child, he was very quiet, shut in and a bit of a know-it-all. As he grew older, one constant is his germophobia, as he constantly worrying for his own and his teammates' health and well-being. He also gets paranoid at times and is more realistic than optimistic. He is always shown to be utterly sure of his great brain power, even in moments of doubt among the rest of the gang. He usually says things like; "No code can stand before me!", and, "Don't I always." No other members of the gang even try to match Bentley intellectually and like him have no shame in admitting he's the smartest.

Bentley also is less confident with coming up with plans on the spot, which Sly and sometimes Murray are able to do, and tends to panic when he doesn't have "all the facts" as stated in "A Friend in Need."

In "Operation: High Road," Bentley implied he's asthmatic and in the 3rd game he stated he was allergic to tomatoes and lemons. The first and last of these statements can't be true as Bentley never has asthma attacks or uses an inhaler (and would never be able to handle the tasks he does if he had asthma, though he could have a mild form of it) and if he were allergic to lemons he never would have survived the lemonade drinking contest (he may have just made it up in an attempt to get out of having to drink the lemonade).

In the first game, he appears happy to help Sly retrieve his family's book but is still panicky, nervous, and uptight. Nonetheless, he manages to pull through in the end and gains some level of confidence from it.

At the start of the second game, he seems nervous and uptight as ever but is nonetheless willing to go out into the field. This nervousness eventually fades as the game progresses; after the capture of Sly and Murray, he is left to fend for himself, subsequently turning over a new leaf for his mannerisms. After pulling himself together and saving his friends, he appears more confident and relaxed than his previous self, even gaining a sense of sarcasm to rival Sly's, often countering Sly's remarks with his own quick wit. He was able to use this to tick off Muggshot and bait him into getting arrested again.

Even after his tragic confinement to his wheelchair, Bentley is still quite confident in his abilities, using his wheelchair to the fullest extent. He is also, as pointed out by Murray, now very devious after all those years. This is backed up by some of Bentley's missions which require many guards killed.

In the fourth game, Bentley sank into a deep depression after finding out she had betrayed them, refusing to talk to anyone, even his lifelong best friends, but his confidence peaks when he defeats his ex-girlfriend Penelope, representing his independence and ability to get over any obstacle.


Bentley's greatest and most primary ability is his intelligence. He proves this through all four games by planning every master operation. He is also extremely skilled with technology, upgrading his wheelchair with various weapons and gadgets as well as inventing numerous devices. He also utilizes a large variety of bombs and darts with different effects.

Bentley is also a master hacker, mathematician, clue decipherer, inventor, gadgeteer, chemist, biologist, tactician, pickpocketer and a demolitions expert. He also has a keen eye for secrets hidden in artwork, is capable of fighting numerous guards and can hold is own in vocalization against opera master Don Octavio. All of this can contribute to Bentley actually being a polymath.

Despite getting top scores at the Lumberjack Games Bentley is the least physically able member of the gang. As such he can take the least amount of hits from enemies and dishes out the least amount of damage with his standard attacks. During the lemonade drinking competition, he drinks his slowest and spills quite a lot. However his gadgets, which can significantly damage (or have other effects based on the used gadget) multiple opponents or ensure a quick escape from battle, more than make up for his limitations.