Bentley's Arcade is the location where the game Bentley's Hackpack takes place.


The arcade is located in Paris. It has arcade machines, a prize wall and a hidden room that has rock 'n' roll equipment. Sly CooperMurrayCarmelita FoxEl Jefe and some flashlight guards from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time appear at the arcade for their free time.


  • The arcade has many parallels with the classic science-fiction film Tron.
    • The sign outside resembles the classic "FLYNN'S" neon sign.
    • The cabinet hiding the secret passage resembles the Tron Lightcycle game.
    • The secret door leading to a hidden basement parallels a scene from Tron: Legacy.
  • Given that several characters can be seen at the arcade, including enemies from Thieves in Time, it seems safe to assume that the setting is non-canon.
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