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Due to technical restrictions, this page is named Bentley & Murray Team Up. The correct, in-game name is Bentley/Murray Team Up.

Make way for "The Murray."
― Bentley, while Murray heads into the blimp's engine room[src]

"Bentley/Murray Team Up" was a job for Bentley and Murray in "Anatomy for Disaster" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Bentley and Murray work together to disable an engine room.


To prevent Clock-La from drawing power from the blimp, Bentley and Murray team up to disable engine delta. There are three computer stations Bentley needs to hack to unlock the door for Murray.

Once inside the engine, Murray must lift up the cylinders to clear the forcefield block the way up to the second level. Each time he lifts one, a guard will come in and he must take him out. Once he lifts all cylinders, he heads up to the top and now he must Thunder Flop on each cylinder to destroy them. After that, the door to the engine room's control center opens. Murray flips the switch and shuts down the engine.


  • Due to the way the defense systems fire rapidly, this is the only time the hacker code from Bentley's cyber-avatar ricochets off walls.