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Sly: Murray, let's motor out to Ayers Rock and scare away those mining dingoes. Your Guru wants it "purified".
Murray: Awesome! This is the biggest truck I've ever gotten to drive. I could crush houses with this baby!
― Atop the big truck.[src]

"Big Truck" was a job for Murray in "Rumble Down Under" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


The Guru is requesting that Ayers Rock be purified of the miners.


Sly meets up with Murray at the big truck. Murray is more than eager to drive a truck this big. The two motor out to Ayers Rock to drive out the miners.

Once they got there, Murray pulls up to the side of a drill tower. Sly hops out and Bentley gives him the run-down: the drill needs to be activated so that the vibrations lure giant scorpions to the surface, then, Murray had to capture 20 red soldier scorpions (not the blue worker ones) with the truck to release them into the mines and push out the miners. He had to be careful though, as the sand of Ayers Rock was blazing hot and would melt the tires, so he had to cool them off on a nearby body of water or by running over the scorpions.

After trapping eight red scorpions, Bentley detected a drop-off in underground movement, therefore Sly had to push the drill deeper. However, this drained the body of water, forcing Murray to just run over scorpions to keep the truck's tires from melting. Upon capturing twenty giant red scorpions, Murray let them loose on the mine's entrance, successfully dealing with the miners at Ayers Rock.