Black Spot Pete is a parrot and the first pirate to settle Blood Bath Bay in the Caribbean Archipelago.

He was voiced by Michael Devlin.


Black Spot Pete and his best friend and partner, Cantankerous Tim, famously raided many ships, which included stealing the prized diving gear of Dimitri Lousteau's grandfather, Reme Lousteau. However, when Captain LeFwee moved in after Tim was mutinied by his own crew, Pete retired before he was eventually reduced to nothing more than a drunkard drinking his sorrows away at the local pirate tavern.

Discussing the treasure Edit

When Sly Cooper talked to him to get information on Reme's scuba gear, he was adamant in not talking to an outsider. To get around this, Sly used Cantankerous Tim's outfit to impersonate him, and he and Pete engaged in an insult competition before talking about the treasure.

Pete (whose sun-burnt eyes couldn't tell that it wasn't the real Tim) asked him why he was here after being so long away. He says he's come back for his share of the treasure they stole from Reme years ago. Pete, however, tells him that he lost his ship in a game of cards and even worse, the map was stolen by Captain LeFwee. He warns him that LeFwee is known as the "Smartest Man on the Seven Seas". He then tells him that the treasure is buried on Dagger Island. After that, the two bid each other farewell.



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