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Sly: Rajan's holed up in his temple. Got any ideas to force him out of hiding?
Bentley: My research indicates that tigers have an aversion to water. By destroying that dam, the temple will be filled with the runoff.
― Discussing how to force Rajan out of his temple[src]

"Blow the Dam" was a job for Bentley in "The Predator Awakes" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


According to Bentley's research, tigers have an aversion water. Destroy the dam and flood the local area to get Rajan out of hiding. The problem is that his bombs aren't strong enough to take it out. Fortunately while monitoring the bug in Rajan's office Bentley overheard that a new auto-pilot helicopter had just arrived in a truck that he is next to.

So, Bentley entered the chopper and tries to avoid the dam's air defenses and destroys it with the incorporated gun, and once it's completely destroyed the mission is completed. However, one of the dam's pieces hit the chopper and it crashed against a small tower.


  • Bentley mentions that tigers have an aversion to water. While cats do hate water, tigers like Rajan are one of the few exceptions since they are great swimmers.
  • After the mission, you can enter the tower on which the helicopter fell and shoot with the helicopter turret. This can be done with any character.