Boars were enemy guards in Turning Japanese of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. They served as El Jefe's flashlight guards and main security force, guarding the local village near his fortress.


These boars are very well built; they are brownish-red in color and wear samurai plating on their chest. They feature a long thin beard and samurai helmet. Their weapon of choice is a small crossbow used to fire small arrow projectiles. When up close, they will try to headbutt you with their sharp tusks, and they occasionally throw rocks. They use traditional Japanese lanterns as their form of a flashlight.



  • These guards appeared in the teaser trailer of Thieves in Time, along with the macaque guards.
  • These guards, along with the mech wolves, are the only flashlight guards in Thieves in Time to have a falling animation. This can be seen by throwing them off a high place.
  • If a macaque or crane enters a boar's lantern range (when they aren't fighting Sly Cooper or a member of the gang) they bow, suggesting a level of superiority.
  • One of these guards was voiced by David Lodge, who also provided the voice for Toothpick in the game.[1]

References Edit

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