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Sly: How many grappling lines will it take to drain the battery?
Bentley: Three should suffice. Once the first line's attached, Murray and I will commandeer another boat... you should stay in position.
Sly: Finally... I get the easy gig.
― Talking about draining the Northern Lights Battery[src]

"Boat Hack" was a job for Bentley and Murray in "Menace from the North, eh!" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Sly and Murray must aid Bentley in draining the energy from the Northern Light battery.


Thanks to Murray's informant from the RC Combat Club, the gang has located the silo carrying the Northern Light battery, which is right by the lighthouse. It is up to the three of them to drain the energy from the silo by attaching grappling hooks from each of the three local boats.

Sly must get on top of the silo to attach the hooks. Murray must tag along with Bentley so that he can throw him onto each boat. Once on board, he hack each boat's steering controls in order to get them in position for Sly to attach the hooks. After the three hooks are attached, the power from the battery drains and it is safe for them to move in.


  • If Bentley has the Hover Pack gadget, he is able to fly to the boats without Murray's help.