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Bob: I am called... ,*gibberish*...
Sly: Right. How about I just call you... Bob?
― During their first meeting[src]

Bob Cooper was the very first Cooper in history, living in Gungathal Valley in the year 10,000 BC. He used a large wooden stick with a bone hook on the end that has a rough similarity to Sly Cooper's modern Cooper cane, and used his thieving abilities to provide food as the leader of his tribe.

He was voiced by Patrick Seitz.


Before the timeline was altered, Bob (a name given to him by Sly due to the unpronounceable nature of his real name) was the greatest thief of the Ice Age. He stole pterodactyl eggs to feed his tribe, and created a tool that became the first Cane to help him steal the eggs with speed and ease. When Le Paradox and Grizz arrived, they stole all of the pterodactyl eggs in the valley as part of the latter's fake cave painting scam, assisted by modern technology, such as conveyor belts. This eliminated Bob's role as the food provider for his tribe and title as the greatest egg thief ever. Depressed, Bob went into a slump, gaining weight and becoming out-of-shape, which allowed Grizz to easily imprison him and steal his cane for Le Paradox.

After Sly and the gang were accidentally transported from the Old West to the Ice Age, they rescued Bob from death in Grizz's lava-filled arena. Murray and some friendly penguins later helped Bob get back into climbing and fighting shape to assist the gang in fixing the Cooper Van and stopping Grizz. After his workout, Bob would help the Cooper Gang regain their temporal sprocket after climbing up Frostbite Peak.

In "Operation: Jurassic Thievery," Bob, the Cooper Gang and Carmelita Fox infiltrated the Purple Paw Paint Factory in order to stop Grizz and his fake cave painting scam. Bentley instructed Bob to climb the main generator tower and pry its three pressure valves open, so the factory's power would be disrupted. After he pried the last valve, Murray, Bentley and Carmelita came in their egg lift to pick Bob up from the side of the tower. Bob had to jump in order to reach the lift but failed the jump. Just as he was about to fall, Murray saved Bob's life by pulling him into the lift but ended up losing his balance falling into a separate lift. The rest of the gang showed up behind a wall of ice when they saw Murray confront Grizz. Carmelita and Bob were concerned, but Bentley and Sly had complete confidence that Murray could handle him. When Murray defeated the evil bear, Bob congratulated his friend for his victory.

Later on in the epilogue, Bentley and Murray returned to the Ice Age and brought Bob forward to the present to help take down Le Paradox and get the Cooper canes back. Bob's cane was retrieved by Rioichi Cooper who stated it would be an honor to help his ancestor. Once Bob regained his cane, he watched as Rioichi returned to his time.

He soon helped get Salim al-Kupar's cane back, with his task complete Bob bid farewell to his new friends and family as he returned to his time.

Bob Cooper kept up his physical training and returned to his role as the greatest egg thief. He would pioneer the use of his cane as a tool for thieving, beginning the Cooper legacy.


Physical appearance[]

Bob is visually different from most other Coopers, since he is a prehistoric raccoon. He is much taller, bigger, and more toned than most of his Cooper descendants. However, only Slaigh MacCooper has a similar build. He has long fangs that are visible at all times. His fur is mostly brown with black stripes, with gray fur covering his torso and parts of his lower jaw. His hands and feet have large claws and his only article of clothing is a patch of cheetah skin around his waist.


Bob is very friendly, and was very enthusiastic about meeting Sly and his friends. He took a huge liking to Bentley's gadgets, as he was amazed at what he saw through the binocucom. He has a connection with Murray, who helped him regain his strength. Similar to Murray, Bob is seen to have a ravenous appetite or in some ways, he can be seen as a glutton.

He seems to be quite intelligent, having made the first Cooper Cane to assist in egg stealing. When in depression after losing his place as egg thief, he got out of shape due to the fact that he ate too much. Also, as seen in another cutscene, Murray was about to enjoy a pie, but instead, Bob snatches it and eats it all for himself. He's also known for constantly belching at times.

As expected from a prehistoric being, Bob isn't the brightest when it comes to modern technology or objects (Bentley's tools, for example). He is also shown to be honorable as well. While he does steal eggs to provide for his tribe's survival, Bob is against outright placing the animals he steals from in captivity. When Bob finds out that the babies of a mother Pterodactyl have been captured, Bob expresses concern for the babies and immediately declares that he needs to find a way to help them.

Bob is shown to be loyal to those who help him. This was seen when he aided the Cooper Gang, after they saved him. He accepted Sly was his family and had no problems in accepting his descendants while helping them retrieve their canes.


Bob's cane

Bob was smart enough to create the effective tool that is the first Cooper Cane, which he made out of wood and bone. Bob used the cane as both an effective melee weapon and an effective pickpocketing tool. Bob did not need his cane to have both a good melee weapon and a pickpocketing tool, as he was able to make do with a large bone to achieve similar results when his cane was not available.

Bob also had great physical capabilities. Bob was immensely strong, and could use that strength with great effect with his cane, makeshift bone club, icy walls, and presumably anything he could use as a melee weapon. His Cane Swat Combo (Oogasmash Combo) could cause cracks to form in the ground by slamming his weapon down, and his Stealth Slam (Bonecrusher Slam) could even kill guards by impaling them from above with a bone. He could similarly cause small shockwaves that could destroy nearby breakable objects on an icy wall by pounding it. He had surprising agility for someone of his size, as his Mega Charge Attack (Snowball Roll) allowed him to be able to curl himself into a ball as an offensive attack for a short period of time. He could also let out a roar (called Primal Roar) so powerful and booming that it essentially acted like Murray's Guttural Roar, causing enemies within earshot to run away in fear.

Unlike modern Coopers, the structure of Bob's hands and feet allowed him to effortlessly ice climb. Due to being an earlier evolutionary level of a raccoon, Bob had a prehensile tail, strong enough to hold onto his weapon when it was not in use, such as when he was scaling walls.



  • Bob could not have literally been the first Cooper, but was likely the last living member of his family before having children.
  • Though his eyes are green in cutscenes, they are brown in-game.
  • The 9,000 or so years between Bob and Slytunkhamen are enigmatic, but Bob's pioneering of the Cooper cane design seemed to have been upheld by each ancestor. It is entirely possible that Bob's descendants migrated to Egypt within those 9,000 years.
  • Bob speaks a strange language, similar to The Guru's. The gang can understand it, but unlike the Guru's language, there are subtitles that allow the player to understand Bob as well.
    • When comparing the audio to the subtitles, Bob's dialogue is semi-intelligible.
  • According to Kevin Miller, Bob's name was changed numerous times during production and voice recording.[citation needed]
  • The only time he is referred to as "Caveman Cooper" is by Bentley during the credits, as well as in the credits themselves.
  • Bob was neither mentioned in the Thievius Raccoonus nor had a section in the Cooper Vault because the Thievius Raccoonus was initially written by Slytunkhamen Cooper and the Cooper Vault was created by his son, Slytunkhamen Cooper II, both of whom were born approximately 9,000 years later.
    • The other Coopers besides Bob with no known sections in the Cooper Vault are Slytunkhamen I, Sly's mother, the minor Coopers, and Sly himself.
      • Bob wouldn't be able to get in the Cooper Vault anyway due to the structure and design of his cane.
    • If Bob did have a section in the Thievius Raccoonus, it would likely be on climbing walls.
      • This could possibly hint an alternative way for Sly to earn the ability to climb walls, as shown in Sly 2: Band of Thieves.[1]
        • Bob and Sly are also the only Coopers ever to climb walls.
  • Bob's signature color is tan.
  • Bob is the only Cooper who does not use his cane during his gameplay (with the exception of "Deja Vu All Over Again!"), as it was stolen by Grizz before he was rescued. Thus, he used a giant bone club instead.
  • He is a new ancestor developed by Sanzaru Games and is their favorite character and addition in Thieves in Time.[citation needed]
  • He is the only Cooper in Thieves in Time that does not have the ability to spire jump or rail walk due to his large size. He also cannot perform the wall hook move because of the use of his bone club.
  • Bob can't climb ice walls until the job "Getting Stronger" is completed.
  • Prehistoric raccoons were real animals long ago. Known as chapalmalania altaefrontis, these animals were blood-thirsty predators, but when tragedy struck, only the smart, scrawny, and cowardly members survived; procycon lotor, the modern raccoon.
  • His clan never appeared in the third episode despite it being named "Clan of the Cave Raccoon."
  • He was initially meant to be afraid of Bentley's gadgets, but grew to like them in the final version of the game instead.