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Bison: I wouldn't expect one of your kind to understand the finer points of commerce. You turtles are too stew-pid to know a wood cutter from a wood chuck.
Bentley: That's it! Time I showed you just how "stew-pid" we turtles really are.
― Before they battle[src]

"Brains Over Brawn" was a job for Bentley, and a continuation of "Operation: Canada Games" in "Menace from the North, eh!" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Jean Bison has locked the Cooper Gang in a small room, and they had to find a way to escape and take him down.


The gang woke up from unconsciousness and found that they were sealed inside the sawmill control room. Bentley suspected that Jean Bison locked them in there for interrogation later, and insisted they escape right away. There was a pipe sticking out of the wall, which Bentley managed to squeeze through, allowing him to escape the room. Meanwhile, Murray went over to a small metal door to open it up, while Sly, in case Bentley needed his help, operated the sawmill controls.

As Bentley dropped down onto the floor, he was confronted by Bison. Bentley claimed he just came down to get his glasses, but this didn't fool Bison at all. Bison then explained that while the gang was unconscious, he and his men raided their safe house and found all their Clockwerk parts, and managed to sell them and the talons to Arpeggio, much to Bentley's horror.

After Bison called him a "stew-pid" turtle, Bentley decided to settle it once and for all and prove how smart turtles can be. The two engaged in battle. At Bentley's command, Sly activated the switches that linked to the fire, sawblades and logs traps. During the battle, Bison called in his men for assistance and eventually began chucking dynamite. Bentley successfully took him down, leaving him exhausted on the ground, confused as to how a turtle his size managed to do so. Sly and Murray then freed themselves and met up with Bentley on the ground floor. Sly commended Bentley on taking down Bison, and Murray for freeing them.

One of Bison's men then came on the intercom to inform Bison that Arpeggio's blimp was due to arrive in exactly one minute. Since the gang was determined to reclaim their Clockwerk parts, they couldn't miss the blimp. The silo battery was not that far, so with no time to lose, they went outside and made a run for the silo. Once they stowed away inside, within seconds, the blimp arrived.


  • This marks the first time Bentley has a boss fight.