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Sly: Sounds like fun. You and me, back to back...
Murray: Totally! Outnumbered... fighting impossible odds... it's perfect!
― Before taking down a group of rat guards[src]

"Breaking and Entering" was a job for Sly Cooper in "The Black Chateau" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. This job introduces reconnaissance photos, crawling, double jumping and the concept of stealth.


After downloading Dimitri's database onto his laptop, Bentley directed Sly to the next mission: breaking into Dimitri's nightclub to take some reconnaissance photos of the Clockwerk tail feathers.


Sly behind a warthog guard in the nightclub

To sneak into Dimitri's nightclub, Sly needed to sneak through an old wine cellar beneath town. Upon entering the cellar, he was accompanied by Murray, who helped him take down a group of rats guarding the entrance to the remainder of the wine cellar. After doing so, Murray lowered some bars for Sly to jump over. From that point on, Sly was on his own. After thanking Murray for his assistance, Sly pressed on through the hallway, which was secured with lasers and guarded by warthog guards with flashlights.

Sly inside the printing press room

After sneaking past the security, he came across an air vent that led him into the backstage area of the nightclub. The hall was secured with stationary yellow lasers that could not be bypassed unless the patrolling guard was defeated. By using Stealth Slam, he took down the first guard, allowing him to venture further up, then pulled off the same move on another guard, thereby deactivating another set of lasers. After getting past more rat guards, Sly spotted another air vent. This one led into a side room connecting to the printing press room. Sly pulled out his binocucom and snapped pictures of the generator, the money-printing machine and Dimitri. He then returned to the safe house so he and the gang could formulate a plan.