"Breakout!" was a job for Sly Cooper in "Turning Japanese" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Description[edit | edit source]

Break Rioichi out from the mysterious prison.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Sly learned that his ancestor Rioichi Cooper was being held in the Imperial Prison. There was no way to gain entrance to the prison except through the front door, so Sly stole the components of a disguise to get inside. After gathering all parts of the Samurai Costume—helmet, chestplate and leggings—Sly approached the boar guard standing in front of the prison entrance.

Sly ordered the guard to grant him entrance, but the guard was suspicious of Sly due to his small stature and asked his name. Sly replied that he was "Major Muggshot," though the guard had never heard of Muggshot and still denied letting him in. Sly then threatened to tell the General about the guard's defiance and jokingly said that the General loved pork chops. As he was leaving, the guard called him back, told him that he had made a mistake and let Sly pass.

Inside the prison, Sly found guards patrolling every hallway. He equipped the Samurai Costume throughout, and any guards who saw him let him continue on. He reached a cliff where he could see Rioichi's cage. When Sly called out to Rioichi and told him of his intentions to break him out, Rioichi explained to Sly that he would need to make his way to the dragon bridge. As he was making his way to the bridge, Sly encountered the prison's security: statues that breathed fire and giant swinging axes. He was able to use the costume to pass through the fire unscathed, but he had to be careful around the axes, as the costume was not powerful enough to shield him from them.

Sly soon reached the dragon bridge only to find it blocked by a gate and guarded. He pickpocketed the gate's key from one of the guards and opened it. Sly then began making his way across the bridge to Rioichi's cage. Along the way, he stepped on a pressure plate that caused the bridge to give away and fall into the pit below. Two fireball spitting statues rose in place of the bridge and began shooting at Sly. He utilized the Samurai Costume's shield to deflect the fireballs back at their deliverers and destroy them. After taking out the security, Sly made it to Rioichi's cage.

Rioichi remarked that although he did not know the identity of the one who freed him, he knew that he would have had to be a true Cooper to have been able to reach his cage. At this, Sly revealed to Rioichi that he was indeed a Cooper and that he had come from the future to rescue his ancestor. He then broke the lock to Rioichi's cage and the two escaped from the prison.[1]

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