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Dimitri coming at you loud and clear. I've got to high-5 give it up to my main men working the disco. Spice sales are up, up, up! Keep on moving that spice, a'ight? And to every homeslice down in the special fake money-making room: the nicest of jobs there, man, I tell you. Keep full-steaming ahead with my new Clockwerk printing plates, all of us retire early. You picking up on what I'm throwing down? Peace out!
― Dimitri to his men over a PA system[src]

"Bug Dimitri's Office" was a job for Sly Cooper in "The Black Chateau" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


After evaluating Sly's reconnaissance photos of the Clockwerk tail feathers, Bentley realized that he would need more information on Dimitri's operation before he could proceed with a solid plan for the gang to get at the tail feathers. Bentley decided that bugging Dimitri's office would be a perfect way to gather intel.


Bentley directed Sly to a forged painting sitting on a nearby table, explaining that he outfitted it with a bug. He then tasked Sly with carrying the painting into Dimitri's office and swapping it with the painting that was already there. This would allow them to listen in on Dimitri's conversations.[note 1] Bentley then cautioned Sly to be careful with the bugged painting, as taking a hit would ruin it.

Sly climbing down to the ground floor

Once Sly picked up the painting, he proceeded to the nightclub, eventually arriving at a window near Dimitri's office. Upon entering the building, Bentley contacted Sly again and told him that the door to Dimitri's office was locked from the inside. Sly was not alarmed by this, explaining that he was never "one for the direct approach." Bentley pointed Sly to the indirect approach, which was an air vent above the door and out of immediate reach. Sly sneaked his way across the room, all while doing his best to avoid the janitor rat guards patrolling around.

He eventually found a way to reach the air vent through the room's decorations. As Sly rail walked across the decorations towards the vent, Dimitri came onto the PA to inform his guards about the progress of his spice trafficking and counterfeiting schemes. Sly snuck behind a decorative waterfall, which led to the air vent. Upon smashing it, he crawled his way into Dimitri's office and replaced the original painting with the bugged one. Once done, Bentley mentioned to Sly that if the latter could get the original painting to the safe house without taking damage, it could be sold through ThiefNet for a lot of coins.[note 2]


  1. After this mission is completed, there will be a speaker in the safe house that will occasionally relay conversations from Dimitri's office.
  2. If the treasure is returned to the hideout intact, it can be sold for 232 coins. If this mission is the only job left available, a slideshow will start right after completing the mission, meaning the player will not have to run the loot back to the hideout.