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Bentley: Any attempt at Dr. M or the Cooper Vault will be impossible with these radar towers linked to the missile turrets. Wait a second. Penelope, have you completed the work we talked about on your RC car?
Penelope: Yeah... oh, I see where you're going. That'll work! Smash the drones, siphon their power and fry the towers' matrix.
Bentley: Perfect, let's get your car onto a drone patrol pipe!
― Thinking together to destroy Dr. M's radar towers[src]

"Bump-Charge-Jump" was a job for Penelope in "Honor Among Thieves" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Penelope uses her RC car to destroy three radar towers.


Sly wakes up and meets Bentley and Penelope above deck. He asks if Dimitri found his cane, but Penelope tells him Dr. M managed to steal it. Sly insists that they better make a move, but Bentley insists he stays put as it will be impossible to confront Dr. M or open the Cooper Vault with the radar towers linked to the missile turrets. Bentley then gets an idea in his head and asks Penelope if she completed the work they discussed on her RC car.

The plan here is to get Penelope's RC car onto a drone patrol pipe and fry the towers' matrix. Sly has no idea what they are talking about, so instead of explaining it to him in multi-syllabic words, Penelope decides to demonstrate. She has the Panda King launch her car to the drone pipe. Once her car is on the pipe, it is time to smash things up. Her car has been upgraded with punchers on both sides, which will allow it the knock the drones off the pipe and pick up their ball of energy. A specific amount of energy balls must be collected in order for the RC car to build up enough energy to run up the jump ramp and take out each radar tower. There are a total of three drone pipes she needs to use to destroy the towers. After all three radar towers are destroyed, Sly will now be able to take to the skies in his biplane.