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You've got friends, I've got a Shock Pistol. We're even.
― Carmelita talking to the Mutant Primate

"Carmelita to the Rescue" was a job for Inspector Carmelita Fox, and the first job in "Honor Among Thieves" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Carmelita and her group of mercenaries arrive at Kaine Island just in time to see Sly Cooper being crushed by Dr. M's mutant primate. She tells Gronk to get his men ready, and that they're going to see some action. Gronk readies his men, and they begin to fly over to the mutant.

Carmelita begins to attack the mutant, dodging the mercenaries that are thrown back at her and taking down guards. Eventually, the mutant attacks her face to face, with Carmelita coming out on top. With the mutant knocked out, Dr. M disconnects himself from it and confronts Carmelita, asking why the police are invading his "home," to which Carmelita responds that she is there to serve justice. Dr. M claims that it was self-defense, and that Sly was trying to steal his property. Carmelita says that it looked like he was trying to kill "that man." Dr. M calls Carmelita out, claiming that she knows he is Sly Cooper, a thief.

Carmelita tells him to put Cooper down, and that they will talk terms. Dr. M, still claiming it was self-defense, then commands his mutant to crush Carmelita. She escapes to her boat, but the mutant follows. As they sail away, Dr. M decides to go looking for Sly's cane, leaving Sly for dead. On the ground, Bentley and others find Sly, who is just barely alive, and take him to their boat to patch him up. Mission complete.


  • If Carmelita dies, then the mutant primate eats Sly.