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Using your treasure map, follow the clues to find the hidden loot.
― In-game description

"China Treasure Hunt" is the fifth and final Master Thief Challenge in A Cold Alliance of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


The challenge is to find the hidden treasure in the Kunlun Mountains using the Treasure Map. As you need the Treasure Map to complete this challenge, this challenge will not be available until after you complete the job "X Marks the Spot", which this challenge is a variation of.


Clue Directions
From the back doors of the van the quest begins. Hunt for the treasure among Tsao's sins. Stand in front Murray's van.
Retrace the van's path for 13 paces. Move 13 paces to the southwest.
Climb towards the Pagoda to contemplate your path, 9 paces for Yin and 9 paces for Yang. Move 18 paces to the west.
Grow closer to General Tsao by taking 14 paces toward his village. Move 14 paces to the north.
You are pushed away from safety and home, again for 14 paces. Move 14 to the west.
For 9 paces you travel under the cable and to the next arch. Move 9 paces to the northwest.
Listen to the tears and take 7 paces toward the prison of Jing King. Take 7 paces to Tsao's palace (north).
A long final push of 24 paces will lead you down a hard lowly path. Move 24 paces to the east and your done.



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