Behold... Clock-La is born!
— Clock-La[src]

Clock-La was a large robotic owl and the amalgamation of Captain Neyla and Clockwerk. She served as the final boss of Sly 2: Band of Thieves and was the second and final antagonist of Anatomy for Disaster.

She was voiced by Alésia Glidewell.


After Arpeggio, the final active member of the Klaww Gang, reassembled Clockwerk's frame in order to obtain immortality, Neyla betrayed him and merged herself with Clockwerk's body instead. The result formed an incarnation of the inactive Clockwerk's body and Neyla's mind, the new being dubbing herself "Clock-La." Arpeggio, angered that his associate had betrayed him, ranted at the evil Clock-La before being crushed to death by her new body. From there, she took flight and circled around Arpeggio's blimp in a hunt for Sly Cooper and his gang, dropping robots to fight any enemies she saw. When Sly came out of hiding, Clock-La engaged him in battle while he manned a turret on Carmelita Fox's helicopter.

After being defeated, Clock-La destroyed the blimp and captured Sly's friends Murray and Bentley and flew off, leading Sly to engage her on a dangerous chase through the skies over Paris. Sly caught up to her and proceeded to destroy her with his cane, and learned from Clock-La's ranting the true source of Clockwerk's immortality, the Hate Chip. After a second defeat, the malfunctioning Clock-La crashed into the waters surrounding Paris while Sly and the Cooper Gang survived. Clock-La refused to let them survive and boasted that she was still alive and had her hate chip.


Neyla's holographic face

Bentley deduced that the removal of the hate chip would result in the destruction of Clock-La. Murray traversed and pried open Clock-La's beak, allowing Bentley to move in and retrieve the hate chip. Neyla, ranting to the Cooper Gang of their demise and her endless hatred towards them, clamped shut her beak while Bentley removed the hate chip, crippling him for life. Without the hate chip, Clockwerk's frame self-destructed.

After Carmelita crushed the hate chip herself, the Clockwerk parts deteriorated, destroying any remnant of Clockwerk and killing Neyla in the process.


Physical appearanceEdit

Clock-La appears almost identical to Clockwerk. She is a large, mechanical owl with yellow eyes, four spikes and two red lights on her wings; she also appears to have a larger beak than Clockwerk. The only visible aspects of Neyla are her voice and the digital hologram of her face inside the beak.


I hate you, Cooper Gang! I will find you in your sleep and I will destroy you! You will never know a moment's peace for the rest of your short, miserable lives! The Clock-La will know revenge! I am revenge! I am the Alpha and the Omega! Clock-La!!!
— Clock-La[src]

Clock-La at first retained much of Neyla's personality with Clockwerk's frame, being her only change in either physical or mental appearance. However, Neyla began to show signs of more hate and distaste for Sly Cooper during their fight, and their battle only escalated this fury towards him and the Cooper Gang. During a short banter between her and the raccoon, Clock-La revealed that she was feeling a deep hatred growing within her, and could be attributed to her erratic change in behavior.


Like the original Clockwerk, Clock-La could fly. She could also fire missiles and energy rings. One difference was that the rings that Clock-La fired closed up with energy, requiring that Sly shoot the outer core of the rings in order to open them. Clock-La also had upgraded missiles; one type was yellow and only needed to be shot out once. The other was red and required to be shot twice in order to be destroyed prior to reaching the helicopter. Clock-La can also fire an energy blast that can severely damage Carmelita Fox's helicopter. The energy blast can be interrupted if Sly continues to shoot at her.



  • Though rare, Clock-La can be seen swooping down onto guards, knocking them off of the blimp.
  • In the job "Showdown with Clock-La," Clock-La is much larger than when Clockwerk was originally seen at the beginning of the episode.
  • Clock-La is the only boss of the game not to be a part of the Klaww Gang.
  • In other languages, Clock-La has a different name. In French, she is "Clockeyla" and in Japanese, "Neyla-werk" (ナイラ・ヴェルク, Neira-veruku).


Notes and referencesEdit


  1. Whether Clock-La or Clockwerk appears in the cutscene is never specified.


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