CStomach and CLungs

The Clockwerk Lungs and Stomach were some of the Clockwerk parts that helped Clockwerk survive for hundreds of years.

Sly 2: Band of ThievesEdit

They were given to Jean Bison, and were used by him to power his Iron Horse trains indefinitely, transporting illegal spice across North America.[1]

After the two lungs were easily taken by Sly and Bentley,[2][3]the stomach was bolted down, and was detached by the explosion from a bomb dropped from Bentley's RC chopper.[4] They were later stolen back by Jean Bison and given to Arpeggio,[5] and reassembled into the body of Clockwerk and then Clock-La. They eventually faded into dust when Carmelita destroyed the Hate Chip.[6]



  • Sly was, by his own admission, disturbed that out of all the Clockwerk parts, Jean Bison chose to take his stomach and lungs.
  • Despite that lungs and stomachs perform different jobs, they look the same, or, at least very similar during gameplay.
    • On the other hand, the the stomach looks different during the ending cutscene when Bentley carries it.


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