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Schematic of Clockwerk's body detailing the Clockwerk parts

The Clockwerk parts were pieces of Clockwerk's body used by the Klaww Gang. Thousands of years before the birth of Sly Cooper, Clockwerk replaced his mortal body with mechanical parts to allow himself to outlast the Cooper Clan.[1] A piece of technology called the Hate Chip prevented his new body from ever deteriorating.[2]

After Clockwerk's defeat by Sly, his fragmented body remained in the Krakarov Volcano until it was brought to the Museum of Natural History in Cairo. The museum had planned to put Clockwerk's body back together in an endeavor known as The Clockwerk Reconstruction Project. However, the Klaww Gang broke into the museum and stole the parts before the project began.[3] Arpeggio split the parts among the group's members, though he secretly planned to re-obtain them to reassemble Clockwerk's body for himself.[4] Whereas some of the parts facilitated spice production and distribution, most were used by the Klaww Gang members in their personal schemes.

With the help of Neyla, Arpeggio manipulated the Cooper Gang, who also wanted to obtain the parts, into stealing all of them back from his associates.[4] After the Lumberjack Games, Jean Bison raided the Cooper Gang's hideout and sold all of the parts to Arpeggio[5], who reassembled Clockwerk on board his blimp.[4] After betraying Arpeggio, Neyla merged herself with Clockwerk's immobile body, becoming Clock-La. This forced the gang to team up with Carmelita Fox to defeat her.[6] Even after the battle, the Clockwerk parts remained pristine. It was only after Carmelita destroyed the Hate Chip that they finally deteriorated.[2]

List of Clockwerk parts[]

Part User Use
Tail feathers Dimitri Print counterfeit money
Wings Rajan Status symbol
Heart Increase spice production
Eyes Contessa Facilitate hypnosis
Lungs & stomach Jean Bison Increase spice distribution
Talons Facilitate deforestation
Brain Arpeggio Unknown
Hate Chip Obtain immortality (planned)


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