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What! Where are those lazy bodyguards? They're all fired!
― The Contessa, after Sly pickpockets the Tank Patrol Schedule from her[src]

"Close to Contessa" was a job for Sly Cooper in "Jailbreak" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Sly must steal two keys and a tank patrol schedule off the Contessa while patrols around the prison.


Steal two tank keys and the patrol schedule off of Contessa for use in breaking Murray out.
― In-game description

In order to break Murray out of jail, Bentley needs Sly to steal two tank keys and the tank patrol schedule from the Contessa.

First, Sly follows the Contessa and her two bodyguards down the train tracks. He eliminates the guards and then proceeds to pickpocket the tank hatch key from the Contessa. Upon doing so, the Contessa realizes her protectors are gone and flees to a new location.

The Contessa now wanders within the prison walls, accompanied by three bodyguards. Sly eliminates all of the guards and then steals the tank ignition key from the Contessa. She looks under her feet and sees the guards are gone again, forcing her to change location.

The Contessa relocates to the streets near the safe house with three bodyguards. Sly takes down these guards as well, and successfully obtains the tank patrol schedule from the Contessa. She then sees her men are gone again, getting frustrated of her guards' disappearance and stating they're all fired.

After Sly swipes all of the needed items, Bentley congratulates him as they are now all set to steal a tank.


  • An easy way for Sly to take out the Contessa's bodyguards is to press triangle 3 times, and then square for a mid-air dash. This does not alert other nearby guards.