My friends are locked up somewhere in the clinic and are slated for the Contessa's "Good Samaritan" -brainwashing.
― Bentley

The Contessa's prison was a maximum security criminal rehabilitation center located in Prague. Its warden was The Contessa herself, who also served as its main criminal psychologist. The facility was heavily guarded and housed a large number of criminals whom the Contessa had collected over time.


The prison was originally an estate owned by the Contessa's husband. While still studying criminal psychology, the Contessa married him. A few weeks after the wedding, he "suspiciously" died, leaving the estate in the hands of his widowed wife. The Contessa put her education to work by transforming the estate into a prison. Although INTERPOL believed her to be using the facility as a location to reform criminals through hypnosis, she really took them there and hypnotized them into revealing the location of their fortune.

After Neyla betrayed Sly Cooper and Murray to the Contessa, the Contessa sent them to her prison. Sly was placed in the "hole" and Murray in Cell Block D. Bentley was able to free Sly, and then the duo began working to free Murray. One part of the plan involved Murray causing trouble within Cell Block D to get placed in solitary confinement. Sly and Bentley also sabotaged the prison's security systems and then sneaked into the prison, where they finally freed Murray. When the Contessa saw the entire Cooper Gang reunited and out of captivity, she fled from the prison on her blimp, leaving the group to pursue her. After this, the prison was presumably abandoned.[1]

Layout and descriptionEdit

Gates of the Prison

The entrance to the prison.

The prison was enclosed within large walls that could be scaled only by climbing via pipes. The only other way into the prison was through an entrance blocked by a huge gate that was guarded by patrols and spotlights at all times. Guards equipped with motion sensors were often seen on the walls keeping watch over both the inside and outside of the grounds. The Contessa also used an artificial means of security: a giant attack robot. To protect the robot and the prison in general, several lightning rods were placed on the tops of the guard towers.

A small town existed immediately outside of the prison, which the Contessa's grip had apparently reached to, as she had guards patrolling throughout. Bentley established an abandoned building in the town as a safe house.[1]


The Prison grounds and the surrounding district consisted of various locations:

Cell Block DEdit


Cell Block D

One of the buildings within the prison. It was where Murray was imprisoned, and later where he was also thrown into solitary confinement after fighting with the Contessa's guards. It consisted of multiple floors of jail cells, as seen during the heist. One cell in particular could be accessed from outside the prison walls through a drainage pipe. This was how Sly was able to sneak through an air vent and to Murray's cell.[1]

The HoleEdit

The Hole

The Hole

A small containment unit that the Contessa used to imprison her worst criminals. There were 7 guards equipped with motion sensors keeping watch over the cell at all times. The main objective of the "hole" was to break the criminal's spirit, which would happen after being stuck in there week after week. Sly was jailed in the "hole" but was later freed by Bentley.[1]

Contessa's houseEdit

This was the Contessa's main residence and was located outside the prison walls. It served as the prison's HQ. It was constantly patrolled by one of her tanks and the path leading up to the door of her house was guarded by spikes. At the bottom of her house was a small opening that, when crawled through, led to a vault that held the Long Toss gadget.[1]



The Bridge

A large bridge located in front of the Contessa's house. Many of her guards hid in statues on the bridge to pop out on unsuspecting passersby. Under the bridge were pipes that fed power to the prison's security system. While Sly and Bentley worked to free Murray, the former posed as a statue on the bridge to keep guards away from the latter while he planted bombs, which destroyed the pipes and weakened the security.[1]

Giant Attack RobotEdit


The Giant Attack Robot on stand-by

Contessa had a Giant Attack Robot disguised as a water tower inside the prison walls. To make the Robot inoperative, so it wouldn't cause any trouble when they free Murray, Sly and Bentley disabled the prison lightning rods, so lightning would strike the robot and destroy it.




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