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We're a team! And we all have each other's backs. That's why we're unbeatable.
― Bentley, after Grizz's defeat[src]

The Cooper Gang, also known as Team Cooper, is the most recent in a long line of Cooper gangs. It is based around Sly Cooper, who was last seen trapped in ancient Egypt, and the current members are Bentley and Murray, while Dimitri Lousteau is still somewhat affiliated with the gang.[1]


Early years[]

After Sly was sent to the orphanage following the death of his parents,[2] he soon became friends with Bentley and Murray, leading to the formation of the Cooper Gang. One of their first heists together was stealing Mrs. Puffin's cookie jar from her office. Though it was nearly a failure, they managed to pull it off, and the success cemented the gang's future as thieves.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves[]

The gang remained unchanged until over a decade later when Murray left to pursue Dreamtime studies following an accident that resulted in Bentley's paralysis, though this was a short-lived diversion. Coming back to the gang was not so simple, however. He had made a promise to his Dreamtime teacher, the Guru of the Stone, to purify the waters of Venice, Italy before returning to Australia. After both this and helping the Guru stop a dark magic-imbued mask, the Guru joined the gang, becoming the first addition of several.

After doing several calculations, Bentley realized that the gang would need to expand in order for them to be able to pull off their current heist; breaking in the Cooper Vault. They recruited RC specialist in Penelope, demolitions expert Panda King and frogman Dimitri.

After the heist, the Cooper Gang disbanded. Sly faked amnesia to pursue a relationship with Inspector Carmelita Fox, Murray completed his training with the Guru and became a race car driver with the Cooper Van, and Bentley and his girlfriend Penelope stuck together to repair the Cooper Vault and build a time machine. Dimitri, the Panda King, and the Guru also parted with the rest of the team; the Guru returned to Australia to teach his mystic art to a group of rock stars, the Panda King returned to China to live close to his family and screen all of his daughter's suitors, and Dimitri became a celebrity skin diver.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time[]

Sometime after the gang broke up, while working with Penelope on his time machine, Bentley realized that the Thievius Raccoonus, a Cooper heirloom that he was currently in possession of, was changing due to the manipulation of time. At the same time, Penelope disappeared. The main gang got back together, Sly somewhat reluctantly leaving his quiet life with Carmelita and Murray eagerly leaving the racing scene, in order to travel to the past to fix whatever was changing the present. Dimitri was called in to care for the Thievius Raccoonus and direct them to whatever time period was being tampered with.

After stopping Cyrille Le Paradox (the perpetrator who was using time machine technology stolen from Bentley by his girlfriend, Penelope) the main members of the gang, save for Sly, are still together. Penelope, after her betrayal, was locked up in Europe's most secure prison but escaped. Bentley is currently trying to figure out where to find Sly (who went missing) while receiving several postcards of crimes with Penelope's insignia at the scene. Carmelita went back to INTERPOL, throwing herself into her work and arresting criminals at a record pace. Murray went into the pro-wrestling circuit to keep his fighting skills up. Dimitri returned to his celebrity scuba diving career and even got his own reality show entitled "Disco Diver."

If all of the trophies are collected, it is revealed that Sly was sent back through time when Cyrille Le Paradox's blimp crashed and is now stranded in ancient Egypt.


The members of the Cooper Gang change often; this is a list of current and temporary members.

Main members[]

Current members.

The Cooper Gang in disguise while traveling to Blood Bath Bay

  • Sly Cooper – The Master Thief. Stranded in ancient Egypt.
  • Bentley – The Brains. Investigating Sly's whereabouts.
  • Murray – The Brawn and getaway driver. Pro wrestler.

Additional members[]

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves[]

In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, the gang expanded before disbanding.

  • The Guru - Shaman. Training new members of the Dreamtime; last seen in New York City.
  • Penelope - RC Specialist. Betrayed the Cooper Gang; on the run.
  • Panda King - Demolitions Expert. Living in the mountains of China.
  • Dimitri Lousteau - Frogman. Star of a reality television show. The only remaining additional member still affiliated with the gang.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time[]

In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the gang again expanded before disbanding due to the disappearance of Sly Cooper.

  • Dimitri Lousteau - Returned to be the researcher, finding when in time the Gang needed to go next. Returned as the star of his reality show.
  • Inspector Carmelita Fox – Temporary ally. Working as an inspector for INTERPOL in Paris. Resuming her duty as an inspector while searching Sly's whereabouts.

The member of the Cooper Clan from each time period joined the Gang for a short amount of time.


This is a list of enemies that the Cooper Gang has faced over the years.


Fiendish Five
  • Clockwerk - The main antagonist of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, and the leader of the Fiendish Five. Deceased.
  • Raleigh - The chief machinist of the Fiendish Five. Incarcerated.
  • Muggshot - The chief enforcer of the Fiendish Five. Incarcerated.
  • Mz. Ruby - The chief mystic of the Fiendish Five. Incarcerated.
  • Panda King - The demolitions expert of the Fiendish Five. Currently living in China with his daughter.
Klaww Gang
  • Neyla - The main antagonist of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, protégée to Arpeggio. Deceased.
  • Arpeggio - The secondary antagonist of Sly 2, chief inventor and leader of the Klaww Gang. Deceased.
  • Dimitri Lousteau - Forger and spice distributor of the Klaww Gang. Star of "Disco Diver."
  • Rajan - Spice producer of the Klaww Gang. Selling rugs in North America.
  • The Contessa - The hypnotist of the Klaww Gang. Real estate broker.
  • Jean Bison - Spice mover of the Klaww Gang. Member of the EPA; frozen.
Le Paradox's gang
  • Cyrille Le Paradox - The leader of the gang and the main antagonist of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Incarcerated.
  • El Jefe - Sent to feudal Japan. Incarcerated.
  • Toothpick - Sent to 19th century western United States. Deceased.
  • Grizz - Sent to ice age Australia. Incarcerated.
  • Penelope (Black Knight) - Sent to medieval England. Location unknown.
  • Miss Decibel - Sent to 11th century Arabia. Incarcerated.

Other enemies[]

  • Dr. M - An intelligent scientist and the main antagonist of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. Deceased.
  • Octavio - An opera singer and mafia boss. Incarcerated.
  • Mask of Dark Earth - An object based on dark magic. Destroyed.
  • Black Baron - A biplane fighter, later to be revealed as Penelope in disguise.
  • General Tsao - A ruthless village leader who kidnapped Panda King's daughter. Incarcerated.
  • LeFwee - A captain of the high seas. Deceased.



  • Penelope, the Panda King and the Guru do not return as members of the Cooper Gang in Thieves in Time. Penelope still plays a major role in the game, being the villain of the Medieval England time period. What the Panda King and the Guru have done since Sly 3 is unknown, but The Guru's Staff Piece is found as a treasure in Ancient Arabia.
  • The primary members of the Cooper Gang, (Sly, Bentley and Murray) each have something that covers their eyes. Sly has an eye mask (as well as a natural raccoon mask), Bentley has glasses and Murray has goggles.
    • Of the recruited members, only the Guru and Penelope have something covering their eyes. The Guru has face paint and Penelope has glasses.
      • Panda King has markings on his eyes, but they do not cover the entirety of his eyes.
  • The skin colors of all of the recruited members of the Cooper Gang are various shades of purple.


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