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Muggshot: Greetings Trog-O-lid-ites. Didn't think I forgot about Mesa City, did ya? I figured you jerks let me smash up your aeroplane and we're even.
Murray: You and what army, dumb guy?
Muggshot: "Army"? Oh, oh yeah. Okay, boys, I paid you off good enough. Time to crack some skulls!
― Before Murray defends the hangar[src]

"Cooper Hangar Defense" was a job for Murray, Bentley and Penelope in "Flight of Fancy" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


In preparation for the ACES semifinals, Bentley had Murray meet up with him in the Cooper hangar. Bentley explained that he had been working on getting the security devices online and that they were almost operational, but he also heard from Penelope of a rumor that a rival air team might be coming to cause mischief. Bentley suggested that Murray stand watch while he finished getting the security online, which Murray readily agreed to.

Immediately after Bentley got to work on the security system, the hangar's doors were suddenly opened by Muggshot, who suggested allowing him to smash the Cooper plane as payment for what the gang did to him in Mesa City.[1] Murray denied the request, causing Muggshot to call in his "army," which consisted of the Black Baron's guards that he paid off beforehand, to come and take care of Murray. A fight between Murray and Muggshot's team immediately followed, and Muggshot kept the doors open to allow more of the guards to pour into the hangar.

Bentley told Murray over the PA system that there was no way he could hurt Muggshot with his fists, directing him to a button in the middle of the room that controlled an engine in front of Muggshot. Murray used the switch to slam the engine into Muggshot's chest. After the engine hit him several times, Muggshot withdrew from the hangar, but not before warning that the attack was just beginning.

Bentley then confirmed over the PA system that Muggshot wasn't making idle threats, and that he was detecting guards coming at the hangar from the sewers. With his security system coming online moments before, Bentley used the system to stop the guards from coming up through the pipes into the hangar, while Murray guarded the plane just in case any of the guards made it past.

After taking out all of the guards that were already close to the hangar, Bentley realized that his security system wouldn't be enough to stop the guards, as he detected tanks along with more guards coming their way. Needing backup, Bentley contacted Penelope through his ham radio. After a brief exchange about how "awkward" their first actual look at each other was, Penelope explained that she knew that the attack was taking place, and that she would be happy to use her RC chopper to help defend the hangar, especially since her boss had been betrayed.

Penelope flew the chopper around the grounds, using its grapple hook and boosters to launch any approaching guard or turret from a tank into the air and away from the hangar. After defending the hangar for several minutes, the assault stopped, and Bentley complimented Penelope's RC piloting skills, thanking her for helping the Cooper Gang keep their hangar safe. She replied by saying that the guards deserved it, and that she wouldn't allow anyone to sell out the Black Baron and get away scot-free. With the hangar safe, the Cooper Gang moved on to complete their preparation for the ACES semifinals.