"Cooper for Hire" was a job for Bentley, Murray and "Tennessee Kid" Cooper in "Go West Young Raccoon" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Cooper Gang locates Tennessee's gun in Toothpick's vault deep in mines under the town.[1]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Bentley and Murray must help Tennessee get his gun back, which was confiscated by Toothpick when he was arrested. Bentley begins the job by following Toothpick to the mine's entrance and marking it with a homing beacon, that way Murray and Tennessee could find their way to the mines. After Toothpick went inside of the caves to look at his gold collection, Bentley attempted to hack a terminal to gain access to the Bud Stagg Caverns. Upon reaching the destination, he is stopped by giant scorpions as he is about to begin the hack.

Just then, Tennessee and Murray arrives to help out Bentley. Murray takes control of a semi-automatic turret and deals with the scorpions. After Murray takes out all thirty insects, Bentley proceeds to hack the terminal. Once that's accomplished, Murray pries open the cavern door by hand and Tennessee slides underneath.

Tennessee retrieves his gun out of a glass case and makes his way through the Bud Stagg Caverns while dealing with coyotes, steers and tarantulas. Tennessee successfully makes his way out of the caverns and back the Cooper Gang's hideout. Some time after, Toothpick makes his rounds through his treasure trove within the caverns and notices that Tennessee's gun is gone. He then goes into a fit of rage, growing to a massive size.[1]

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