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"Cops and Robbers" is a two-player mini-game from Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves where one player takes control of Sly Cooper, and the second player takes control of Inspector Carmelita Fox.


The minigame takes place in the Venice hub world. Each character has a compass around themselves that points towards the other player, allowing one player to easily find the other. Sly's waypoints lead either to loot or to drop-off points, while Carmelita's waypoints lead to Sly.

The objective is to be the first player to earn five points. Carmelita gets a single point every time she takes out Sly. Sly gets a single point for every piece of loot he retrieves and takes to a drop-off point, and can also get a single point every time he takes out Carmelita.


There are floating stars scattered throughout the city. If they are collected by Sly or Carmelita, they give either character one of four specific power-ups that can be used to make it easier to score points. These power-ups can be used anywhere from one to five times before the Gadget Meter depletes. The following power-ups are available during the minigame:

Sly Cooper
  • Shield – Shields him from weapon attacks like the shock pistol and heatseekers.
  • Rocket Boots – Allows Sly to quickly zoom through the city.
  • Smoke Bomb – Drops a smoke bomb that causes Carmelita to stop and cough if she is nearby.
Carmelita Fox
  • Heatseeker – A missile that homes in on its target.
  • Hypnotize – Makes Sly walk in a trance with reversed controls and causes a hypnotic effect to cover the screen.
  • Teleport – This moves her right next to Sly.


  • Mega Jump – Allows them to jump higher than usual.