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Sly: Man, this guy looks like Murray that time he won that burrito eating contest!... That's a bad memory.
Bentley: Ugh. I couldn't ride in the van for months.
― On their first look at The Tiger[src]

"Copy Cats" was a job for Murray and Sly Cooper in "40 Thieves" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


The thief known as "The Tiger" is held inside a small, well-reinforced taxi shop. Sly and Murray break in, but they activate a trap and end up in a secret entrance with no communication with the exterior.

Since the two end up separated by a large fence, they decide take alternate paths through the area. Murray runs into several whirling blade traps. Sly uses his Thief Costume to venture through the area and shut off the contraptions.

All the while, Sly comes across a large area littered with gold coins. The treasure is destined to be recovered by Henriette Cooper sometime in 1616, meaning that Sly can't touch it, for risk of waking up the guards, and worse, messing with the Cooper Clan continuum. When they finally get near the captured thief, Sly analyzes the hypnotic device, so that Bentley can hack it and break "The Tiger" free.