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Cotton Mouth Bluff is a town in North America that serves as a hub world in "Go West Young Raccoon" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The events of the episode take place in 1884 AD.


The Gang ventures here to meet up with Sly Cooper's ancestor, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper, who seems to be in prison. After some numerous jobs, they free him, rescue Carmelita Montoya Fox, and put an end to Toothpick's schemes. After defeating Toothpick, the Cooper Van could not stop due to the fact that Murray could not shut down the rockets and that the brakes were not working. After riding off of a Toothpick sign, the van jumps into the ravine, and out of desperation, Bentley took Murray's Australian fossil necklace and threw it into the Time machine, thus transporting the gang to Gungathal Valley.


Gold mine[]

After Tennessee's capture, Toothpick stashed the stolen goods into a gold mine where no one would ever go in but him as long as he was alone.

This was where also where his special train was hidden until the heist when he planned on shipping all the stolen good to present day where he'd be worth millions.

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Bar Dynamite[]


The Bar Dynamite is a saloon that has three major rooms inside: the bar, the casino and Toothpick's office. During Toothpick's rule as Sheriff, the saloon served as his main base of operations.


The bar.

The bar is the first room of the saloon. It has a bar table near the door with bottles in the back and on top. Throughout the room are tables with guards sleeping at them. At the opposite end of the saloon from the door, there is a bear statue with a guard in front of it as well as a spotlight surveying the area. Another guard is patrolling the bar table, and the last guard is directly across from the bar table.


Sly sneaks into the Saloon's casino.

At the entrance to the casino is a small staircase leading down into the room. In the center of the room is a large carriage spinning on a roulette table (with a Sly Mask on top). To the left of that are several slot machines. On the right side of the room is a roulette table and a fortune-telling machine. A guard is standing right in front of the fortune teller, another is patrolling around the slot machines, a third is walking around the roulette table and the final guard is standing in a corner near the roulette table.

On the wall are three giant neon cards (a queen, a jack and a king) with a large neon wheel between them, which Sly can climb on. Hanging from the ceiling after the cards is a wooden fan that Sly can Ninja Spire Jump jump onto the fortune teller, giving him access to the vent.

Toothpick's office

Toothpick talking to two of his Bull guards in his office.

Through the vent from the casino is Toothpick's office. It's a small dark room containing a single table and chair with a painting visible on the back wall. Nothing else of the office is seen.


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Toothpick's train was much more of a turbine electric than a usual steam-powered unit which ran on three tracks instead of one. The Cooper Van was stolen to provide extra power for the train on the last car until Murray retrieved it at the heist.

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  • This is the first location of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time where Carmelita is featured in its respective episode.
  • This is the third location in the Sly Cooper series that features moving trains. The first two are Prague and Canada, both of which are in Sly 2: Band of Thieves.
  • At the end of the episode intro, Sly is seen jumping out of a tall clock tower. However, when the gameplay starts immediately afterward, Sly is inside the same tower, using it as the safe house.