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Crusher is a large squid that resides in the western waters of Blood Bath Bay. Based on the legendary Kraken, Crusher is a very large pink and blue squid with large orange eyes. It has about a dozen tentacles, which are strong enough to pull a boat underwater and crush people like insects. It also shoots volcanic bombs from the top of its head, which is another attack it uses.

With multiple eyes and an arsenal of tentacles, this creature is the most feared by pirates. After hearing about Crusher, Bentley decided that the gang should encounter him and use him as an ally to aid in their mission to rescue Penelope from Captain LeFwee. Upon reached the monster's foggy lair, the gang instantly fell under its attack.

The Panda King and Sly Cooper engaged the beast in battle, while the rest of the team sought shelter below the ship's deck. The two defeated Crusher after two lengthy battles, during which it first attacked the Panda King, then Sly with its tentacles and molten rocks it launched from the top of its head. After that, the Guru got inside the creature's mind and convinced him to help the team rescue Penelope.[1] Once Penelope's rescue was accomplished, Crusher presumably returned to its lair.