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The sea monster is upon us! Go below deck and placate the others. I will confront this creature with my firework artistry!
― Panda King just before protecting the Cooper Gang's ship from Crusher[src]

"Crusher from the Depths" was a job for the Panda King and Sly Cooper in "Dead Men Tell No Tales" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


In order to frighten LeFwee's men and free Penelope, the gang needs to enlist the help of a giant squid named Crusher.


The gang sails into the misty waters where the squid resides. Bentley tells Sly and the Panda King to keep an eye out for him. Sly suggests that they should get out of the fog before they sail into a rock. The ship's mast suddenly falls apart and one of the squid's tentacles rises above the water, ready to smash them. The Panda King quickly loads a few fireworks to shoot it back down.

Since the monster is upon them, the Panda King decides to take this fight using his fireworks. He tells Sly and Bentley to go below deck and placate the rest of the team. The squid will begin raising several of his tentacles above the boat to try and smash the Panda King. He uses his fireworks to shoot them. Soon after, the squid will rise and show his face. The Panda King must now land hits on his face. Once the monster goes back down into the water, he will begin to tug down onto the boat with his tentacles. The Panda King must once again shoot his tentacles so that the ship will not get tipped too far on either side. After that, the beast will rise again and this time, he must land hits on both his face and his tentacles.

The Panda King then runs out of fireworks and calls Sly for assistance. The Panda King heads below deck to craft more fireworks while Sly takes over the fight. Sly assumes that the beast must be down to its last legs and wonders what more he could have left. The beast then rises up again with a lot more tentacles than before. The beast then shoots several fireballs onto the ships, setting it on fire. Sly must lure the beast closer to the ship in order to get a shot with the cannons. Bentley suggest whacking the tentacles when they touch the ship as the suction cups will get stuck and the beast would have to come in and pull them off. After doing this three times, the fire on the boat cools off and the beast begins to tire down. The rest of the gang comes above the deck. The Panda King comments on how grand that battle was, worthy of both of their names. Dimitri Lousteau also compliments them, saying it was a solid action re-action and that they both stand tall. Bentley asks the Guru if he could get inside the creature's mind to convince to become the gang's ally. Once the beast listens to the Guru's words, he grabs him and goes back down into the water. Murray shouts out to his master, saying not to leave them.